Thursday, September 22, 2005


So I wrote my first entry on here almost 2 months ago, and I'm only just coming back for my 2nd one now.... yes, I'm that bad.... oops.
It's not like nothing's been going on in my life though! I'm growing an entire human being inside my body - that takes up a lot of time and energy!
Anyway. I'm in my 17th week of this pregnancy now, and it is getting better and more enjoyable. Up until a couple of weeks ago I felt horrible all the time. In fact, it had been so long since I actually felt good that on Saturday night when we were driving home I was sitting there and suddenly turned to Gabe and said, "You know what? I actually feel really good right now!!" It took me completely by surprise and it felt amazing! So my body is finally learning how to deal with this baby and still look after me! I was beginning to think it was more than a little unfair that my body worked so hard at looking after the baby that it completely neglected and ignored my needs and comfort!
We've been to 2 more prenatal visits since my last post, and both times she's done an ultrasound for us and we've been able to watch our baby in amazement. It's amazing how human they look when they're so tiny! It's growing so fast though - the human body and procreation is so mind-blowingly amazing. My next appointment is on October 5th, and this is "the big one". You know, the one where they do the big sonogram, and put it all on VHS for you and take all sorts of pictures, and tell you the sex of the baby if you want to know. We're not going to find out though, we're keeping it a surprise. This time next month I'll be more than half way through my pregnancy, which is crazy because even though I definitely feel and look pregnant and everything, it's still sort of hard to believe that I'm actually going to have baby!! Am I old and mature enough to have a baby???? Yikes!
I think I felt the baby move for the first time on Saturday. I was doing some wrapping at work and all of a sudden I got that feeling in my tummy that you get when you go too fast over the top of a hill and your stomach jumps. I don't think I've felt anything else since then, but I definitely think that was my baby moving, which was very exciting.

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