Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Avery's eyes

So, this morning Avery had an appointment with an opthamologist (this spell checker doesn't know that word). Her left eye has a tendency to turn in, and when we saw the developmental neurologist a month or so ago, it seemed to be affecting her ability to track properly to the left. That particular problem seems to have solved itself since then and she's tracking and grabbing and turning really well in both directions, but her eye still turns inwards quite often, so the neurologist's office made an appointment for her to see an eye doctor to get it checked out. So, he says it's one of two things. It's either Duane's Syndrome (hopefully not) or Sixth Nerve Palsy, which he thinks is more likely and also more easily fixed. So right now he's not going to do anything because he wants to see first whether it will straighten out on its own, which it may well do. I was expecting to just have him tell me that she had a lazy eye though and put a patch on her, but oh well. All is and will be well.
I left the house at 7:30 this morning for Avery's appointment, and since Gabe didn't start work til 10:30 and he has a busy couple of days ahead of him, I left him sleeping in bed. Avery's appointment took longer than I thought it would, partly on account of me having to change her entire outfit as soon as we got there because of an explosive diaper, and partly due to having to wait 30mins for the eye drops to make her eyes dilate. That and it was all the way over in Salem! teehee! Next time we've got an appointment downtown instead. So anyway, I got back probably about 10 or 15 minutes after Gabe left for work, so I was thinking I wasn't going to be seeing him at all today because he's observing tonight down at the Rescue Squad again, and last time he didn't get home til probably about 1am. So that didn't make me feel good because, funnily enough, I like seeing my husband and I miss him if I have to go a whole day without seeing him! I'm sure it's going to happen more often over the next couple of years though, what with his EMT and Paramedic stuff getting under way, and then the PA course. So I should get used to the idea I suppose. Luckily though I did get to see him for a couple of minutes today, since he accidentally left behind some paperwork he needed to fax, and he didn't have any lunch, so I made him some lunch and took his papers to him at work. All the ladies oohed and ahhed over Avery, who was looking particularly cute in that adorable little white hat of hers! Her poor little eyes though were still dilated, so the world must have been so bright all day today! I tried to shield her from as much light as possible though. But Gabe was glad to see us, and I'm glad he got to see Avery today. Because at least with me, I'm sure he saw a little of me through sleepy eyes this morning as I was getting ready, and when he comes home he'll be getting into the same bed as me, but if I hadn't gone by to the bank today, he would have gone all day without seeing his beautiful little girl. So sad. I suppose some people are just built to withstand having to be away from their families for days or weeks on end, but not us. That would be so hard. For me, at least, and I'm hoping it would be hard for Gabe too!! Teehee, I'm positive it would.
It's my birthday this weekend - I'm going to be 24. How fun!

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