Saturday, September 09, 2006

Physical Therapy

Twice a month Avery has physical therapy sessions to help her stay on track with her development, and I thought I'd talk about that a little bit. Before Avery was dicharged from the hospital after she was born, a PT came to talk to us about her, saying that she thought her muscle tone and whatnot wasn't quite what it ought to be, so someone from Early Intervention would be contacting us to arrange coming out to our house to evaluate Avery's physical state and decide how much help, if any, she might need. So at the end of March they came out to see her, and established that it would probably be beneficial for her if she got physical therapy. Her gross motor skills were the main reason for this, because as far as they could see during the evaluation, she was still working at pretty much a newborn level. Poor baby, she had such a thin little neck and overly heavy head, it was extremely frustrating for her to be on her tummy because although she was trying really hard, she could hardly move her head at all. Understandably. So they made a list of goals for her and target dates for when they hoped for her to achieve them. So this is how that looks-

  1. 05/29/06 Lift her head for 15 seconds in midline while on tummy twice a day

  2. 07/29/06 Roll in both directions (back->tummy, tummy->back)

  3. 09/29/06 Sit unsupported (placed in sitting) 3 times a day for 1 minute each time

  4. 11/29/06 Get out of sitting to both sides independently

  5. 12/29/06 Get into sitting using arms to push up, to both sides twice a day

  6. 01/29/07 Get onto hands and knees for 20 seconds three times a day

  7. 03/29/07 Crawl 25 feet 3 times a day