Saturday, November 25, 2006


I can hardly believe that Avery will be 10 months old soon! She is getting more and more grown up and more and more fun all the time! She's amazing! She now has 2 teeth, and is very proud of them. She likes to bite her gums together so that she can feel those two bottom teeth against her top gums!
She was also sick for the first time last week. She had what turned out to be roseola. I was worried about her at first though because she had the fever, diarhea, lethargy and irritability, all of which I have read can be signs of shunt failure. So we took her to her neurosurgeon just in case, and he made her very upset by pushing down really hard on her shunt which woke her up, and then he made her even more upset by having a nurse pin her down while he stuck a needle in the shunt valve to test her intercranial pressure. Poor baby. I felt so bad for her. She cried and cried. It made me want to cry too!!! Oh dear. Luckily there was nothing wrong with her shunt, but I would rather be safe than sorry. So a day or so after that the fever went away, and then after that she got the rash and we realised what it was. So then I felt better. And once the rash appeared she didn't seem to be too bothered by it, so we all felt a lot better!!
Today was the first time that we left Avery with someone else for an extended period during the day. I was a little worried because although she hasn't had a problem with stranger anxiety, I would have hated for Annie to have to deal with that if she developed it. But it appears that she is still happy with people she doesn't know very well as long as they smile and are nice! Annie arrived before I put Avery down for her morning nap, so she saw her a little bit while I was still here. Annie said that when she went up to get her after her nap, she looked at her a little bit as if to say "hang're not my mother" but then decided that since she was smiling at her, she didn't mind too much who she was and she started smiling back! So that's nice to know. Annie said she was an angel all day! I was at work for 6 hours, so Annie got her up from her first nap, gave her lunch and played with her for that whole awake time, put her down for her afternoon nap, and then got her up again before I got home. I'm so glad that she was happy that whole time! I was a little worried that because we never really leave her with anyone, she might be unhappy about it because she's not used to it, but yet again she has proved to be a happy, amiable and flexible little girl, which makes me very happy! She's so lovely!
She's still not crawling, because still hasn't figured out the flapping her arms and legs about like a little seal doesn't actually get her anywhere! But she looks extremely cute while she does it. And she always looks so surprised when she looks up and discovers that she isn't any closer to whatever it was that she was trying to reach. She's getting more comfortable in hands and knees position, and sometimes rocks back on forth a little bit which is good because she's starting to find her centre I think. She's still rolling everywhere and when I leave the room she's never where I left her when I come back!
She's also still saying practically everything except "mama"!!! Okay, not really, but sometimes it seems like it! She's got the "mmm" down, so that's half way there, right?? Her newest sound has been "ssss", which she discovered while playing with her new teeth, and she likes to repeat it when I say it to her. "dad" is still one of her favourites too! One of these days I'm sure she'll say my name, but for now I'll make do with "bub".

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joeandjess said...

So so cute! I actually check this site almost daily and was so excited to see new pictures! I love that you give such great journal entries, they're so much fun to read. She's adorable!