Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Imogen Heap - Just For Now

If you've never heard of Imogen Heap, you've been missing out!! This is the coolest song ever! She's my newest hero :)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

So a few weeks ago Avery started singing Twinkle twinkle little star. Well, By singing, I mean it would go something like this: twinkle twinkle...star...How I How I...UP! UP! Upahbuh!...Twinkle twinkle star. This could go on for quite some time, since because the last line of the song is the same as the first line of the song, it would just start all over again! She loved it! Every time she saw a star she would start singing, and would expect me to start singing it too so that she could chime in on all the parts she knew. It was so cute! Here's the weird thing though: probably a week or two ago she suddenly decided she didn't like the song anymore. I mean, she really doesn't like it! For a couple of days she would still start singing twinkle twinkle is she saw a star, but if I tried to join in she looked at me and said, "No." very solemnly and with a little shake of her head. So I thought, okay, maybe she just wants to do it by herself, so I stopped singing it. But then a couple of days later she was sitting in her chair and started singing it, so I looked at her out of the corner of my eye to see whether she might like a back-up singer, and she sang the first line again, and then looked over at me (even though I didn't say or do anything) and said "No!"
So there you have it. My child's taste in music has evolved past Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at the tender age of 21 1/2 months.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

So Many Words!

At Avery's 18 month check up she was using about 25 real words, and I meant to sit down and write them all down before she got more, and I never did, and know she has so many words I don't know whether I can remember them all to write down!! But I'm going to try. Except, of course, I know I'm not going to be able to put them all down in order of when she started saying them. Here goes....
Mummy, Daddy, hi, hello, bye, bye bye, thank you, shoes, nose, eye, mouth, ear, hair, face, head, tummy, bottom, knee, foot, feet, toes, hand, boo, one, two, (she can say three, four and five, but I'm not sure that she knows what they mean yet), teeth, tongue, cheek, there, this, that, all done, hold on, table, I need, no (a favourite right now...), yes, potty, poop, wheee, bath, clean, water, juice, milk, more, cracker, cookie, banana, apple, bread, toast, uh oh, Grandma, amen, Jesus, man, girl, boy, baby, colour, Kayla, Claire, ball, walker, walk, socks, door, up, down, up-and-down, row row, boat, twinkle, star, piano, chair, crayon, book, read, dog, cat, cow, horse, duck, bird, bee, chicken, snake, frog, sheep, giraffe, owl, puppy, penguin, pig, monkey, moo, woof, meow, neigh, quack, tweet, squeak, bzzzz, sssssss, hooohooo, rrrrrrrib (as in ribbit for frog - one of our favourites!), baa, elmo, car, truck, brum brum, wheel, fan, light, on, off, sit, lion, roar, outside, tv, tree, grass, flower (she calls them "sarah" - it's hilarious!), blow, bubble, touch, hot, cold, gone, See You, eat, food, yum, twist, push, squeeze.....

That's all I can think of right now...I'm sure I'm forgetting some. It's a lot of fun though! She's also singing a lot these days, and can sing quite a lot of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", which is super cute. She's so much fun!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Avery's first walker

Here's Avery wearing her first pair of AFOs using her first ever walker! It wasn't actually her walker - we were borrowing it from her PT while we were waiting for her own walker to arrive, which was a posterior walker. She was about 20 months old in this video.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

My birthday

Well, I turned a whole quarter of a century old at the end of august! Woopee! Or, as Avery would say in a wholly indifferent tone of voice, "wheeeeee." Haha, she's so cute! For my birthday, we took a quick overnight camping trip to Douthat state park. We hadn't been there before, and it was Avery's first time camping, so it was fun! Avery had a hard time falling asleep, but we're getting a kidco peapod, which I'm really looking forward to because it will make it so much easier to take Avery on overnight trips anywhere, once she gets used to it! So I'm excited about that.

It was a fun trip :) We camped next to a lake, and went out rowing in a little boat, and swam in the fun little lake beach thing...very fun! We also ran into a family that recently moved into our ward (the McBrides), and camped right next to them, so that was a fun little coincidence! Avery's favorite thing was the gravel, so a good time was had by all :D haha

On my actual birthday we went out to eat at the olive garden, and wondered around the mall for a while. They have this little play area which Avery just loved!! The carpet is all padded and soft, and then its got these big plastic animals for crawling and climbing all over, and they are also quite soft, and Avery just had a great time! Some other kids came and played in it too, and this set of little twin boys seemed to get her quite confused, because she was crawling through a plastic log thing when one of the boys appeared at the end of it and surprised her, so she turned around and an identical boy was looking at her from the other end of the log! So she couldn't quite figure out what was going on! But it was cute, she had fun! It makes me want to go to the mall just for the play area! We didn't have the camera with us, so we didn't get any pictures, unfortunately.

Gabe started back at school last week, so the fun and games of hardly ever seeing each other has begun! "wheeeeeee." Lucky us. But it actually hasn't been too bad so far, so hopefully it will continue to be bearable. Ask me again in 3 or 4 years when we're still doing this :) Ah well, it'll be worth it!

My mother is coming to stay for a few weeks soon, so that's quite exciting! She hasn't seen Avery since she was 4 months old, so I'm really looking forward to her seeing Avery, and Avery getting to know her Grandma a little bit. It will be great!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I know it's been a while...

Yes, I know, it's been a couple of months since I've written, but to be honest, I just haven't felt like it! I have actually been quite busy recently though, so I'll attempt to catch up a little bit. I'll start with some pictures of Avery :)

Playing video games with Daddy

Bathtime silliness.....

Sitting on the toilet is so much fun....!

More video games!

Playing in the stream with Dad.

I. Am. So. Cool.

NICU graduates birthday party!

Avery and cousin Claire in matching shirts :)

Playing at Claire's house

Pool time with Lucas and Kayla

Strike a pose
Yes, this is how it's supposed to be worn.

So! Now for some words I suppose :) In June Avery and I went up to Leesburg a couple of times to stay with Joe, Jess and Claire. Jess was supposed to be on bed rest, so we went up to help out so that Joe could actually go to work! It was fun, and Avery had a great time playing with Claire! It was funny to see the little things they picked up from each other! Like, for example, Claire likes to eat her Daddy's toes, which is not anything Avery's ever done, but for a little while after we got back she did try to eat my toe! And Avery got Claire addicted to graham crackers, and saying "myumyum" for yummy. They were very cute together :) It made me wish even more that we lived closer to family. I really want for Avery to grow up with lots of cousins nearby! Anyway, I was going to be going up to Leesburg again this week, but Avery and I both had colds last week and I didn't want to pass anything on to Claire or brand new baby Lily! But it made me sad not to go, because I'd really like to see Lily!! I'm sure she's just adorable if she's anything like Claire!

Avery is doing wonderfully! I just can't believe how big she's getting! She'll be 18 months old in a couple of weeks, which is just crazy! She's got quite a few words now. Her newest favourite thing to say is "Annie" which means "I need", and she is evidently an extremely needy little girl! She needs everything!!! It's very cute! I have no idea where she got it from though, because I'm sure we don't say we need stuff much at all! So it's strange :) The past couple of days it has started to get to the point that I think we might need to break her of the habit of saying she needs stuff, because she has started to point at stuff and say "Annie! Annie! Annie! Annie!" over and over again, and then get angry if she doesn't get it, and that's not good. So now she says Daddy, Mummy, Baby, Hi, Bye, Wiggle, I need, Boo, Raaa (apparently, pretty much all animals say Raa! Except for sheep - they say Baa) and she nods for yes and shakes her head for no. She also claps her hands if she wants to be picked up when I ask her. Her newest favourite thing to do is to push her push toy around on her knees, although she gets angry when it won't go forward anymore because she's pushed it into a wall or something!! She's a very speedy little crawler now, and I still am just so excited whenever I see her going top speed around the house! She's such a wonderful miracle! I just love her to bits! She's going to be getting a walker soon, and hopefully some braces too, so that she can start to learn to walk properly! So that's pretty exciting. Yesterday we took her to the park, and she had such a great time! It was the first time that she was really interactive with the stuff at the park, which was just too much fun for us! She loved going down the slide, and everytime she went down, she'd turn around and just say "I need! I need!" because she wanted to go down again! And then we took her socks off and rolled up her trousers so that she could crawl up the little chutes and slides, and she loved that too! We were quite amazed at how good she was at crawling up slopes! For the steepest parts she just needed a hand behind her foot so that she wouldn't slide back down again, but she just kept on crawling up to me at the top, and then turning around and sliding right back down to Gabe! She we all just had a great time at the park!

Anyway. Other than that, I've also been doing some other stuff! I did an art show earlier this month - my first proper one, and it was actually a lot of fun!! I sold a couple of originals and a few prints, and I even got a couple of commissions out of it, so it was definitely a success for me! And I had a great time too! I met some really nice other artists while I was there, and found out about other art shows and groups and stuff, so it was most definitely worth my time to do it, and I'd definitely do it again! So now I'm trying to keep my eyes and ears open for any other art shows that might be going on.

These are my most recently completed commissions.

A couple of people I spoke to at the art show said that they used to do commissions, but they stopped doing them because people kept on being to fussy or meticulous about their paintings, but I'm still really enjoying doing them! I hope I always will enjoy doing them, because it's such a great way of making a little extra money from home, and I love hearing/seeing people's reactions when they see their completed paintings! So I just love it. I have 3 commissions that I'm working on at the moment, so that's just great! It's nice to be busy with that. I am so glad that I have something like that for myself - I really feel that it's important for my sanity and self worth to have something that's just for me like that - it helps keep me feeling like a human being! I love being a mother, and I love being a wife, and I also love being just me! So life is good.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I wish that I remembered to write on here more often. Once upon a time I was good at writing in my journal on a fairly regular basis, but now I hardly ever record my life and thoughts on anything. It's bad! How will I know I existed?? And what I really feel bad about is that I've not really recorded much of Avery's first year either, even though my sister gave me the cutest little "first year" book - all I need to do is fill in the blanks, and I can't even do that! Oh dear!!! At least I've sort of made up for it by taking too many photos!

Avery is 14 months old today, and is doing wonderfully of course! She now has 6 teeth, and I think she's working on 1 or 2 more. She's become quite a fast little army crawler!! And she's getting soooooo heavy!! I took her into Provisions today, and Christy said she wouldn't have recognised her if I hadn't been with her because she's just grown so much since she last saw her! I don't think Christy's seen her for probably 6 months. In the last couple of weeks I've also started putting bows and clips into her hair, which I think looks really cute! I haven't done it before now because it just looked silly, but I think her hair is getting long enough now that it looks cute. She recognises quite a few words now and knows what they mean. She knows blow, kiss, clap, wave, goodbye, hello, no and .... maybe that's it. She's become a huge fan of blowing! She blows when you tell her to, and she blows at ceiling fans, the stuff on our fridge, and recently she's started blowing at me whenever I go in to get her out of bed!! It's very strange!! She squeeks with joy when I walk in and then spends the nect few minutes blowing on me!! I don't know why....! She also likes to nod when I tell her "no" which is funny because I think it's her way of disagreeing with my decision! For example - she's been using the toilet every day for a few weeks now, and recently she's discovered that she can reach behind her and make noise by banging the toilet lid against the cistern. Sometimes though she moves it too much and ends up with it on her back, at which point she just leans all the way forward, looks at me and freezes as if she doesn't know what's on her back but it's a little scary! So I decided she's not allowed to touch it anymore, so when she reaches back there I say "No" and she freezes with her hand still on the lid and starts nodding at me. She's so serious when she nods too - she raises her eyebrows and keeps her eyes on me as she nods emphatically! So I say no a couple more times, and she disagrees with me, but then lets go and plays with the curtain. She likes for me to say "open" and "closed" while she opens and closes the curtain. Who'd have thought there was so much to entertain in the bathroom?? The kissing thing is very cute too! She likes to kiss a lot now, and will kiss you when you ask her. Unless she doesn't want to!! Sometimes she'll kiss Gabe but not me, and sometimes it's the other way round. She never turns down her cuddly sheep though - she'll kiss him repeatedly for quite a while! I'll put him in front of her and say "Kiss?" and she'll lean forward and give him a kiss on his soft little mouth! She hasn't quite got the sound coordinated with the action - a lot of times she leans forward and put her pursed little lips on his face silently, and then when she sits back up again she makes the little smacking sound with her lips. But it's so sweet!! This afternoon I walked into the front room and she had gone and picked up her little cuddly octopus thing and was in the process of giving him lots of kisses.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

No Church

So, we got about 10 different calls at around 10:30 this morning to tell us that church was cancelled! Apparently they're expecting some freezing rain her today, so no church! We're all dressed already though, so we can pretend that we're going to church...
I thought I'd use some of this extra time to catch up on my blog. What I really want to do is some art, but since that is part of my super cool business, I don't think it would be appropriate for Sunday... There is one picture I'm doing as a gift for a friend, so I'll probably work on that for a little while after this. I've been having such a great time doing this though! I set up my website back in October or something, but at the beginning of this month I started doing these ACEOs (art cards, editions and originals) and selling on ebay, and so far I've sold 10, and 8 more will be selling in the next week. So it's pretty exciting! I've been having a lot of fun doing them and experimenting with new things. I've never really worked on such a small scale before - each card is the size of a trading card, 2.5x3.5inches - and I really enjoy doing all that small detail!
This is the most recent one to have sold - it went last night for $20. It's called "First Kiss" and is the first mermaid one that I did, and I liked doing it so much that I've done about 9 or 10 more mermaids since then. And they're all selling! People seem to LOVE mermaids! It's amazing!

This is a more recent one - it's still got about 5 days left on ebay.

This is the second baby one I did - it's based on a picture of Avery, but I wasn't trying particularly hard to make it look like her, so it's not really her - it's just a baby. Some woman in the Netherlands bought this one!

This is my most recent card - I did it yesterday afternoon. Gabe loves it - I think he mostly likes art when it's more realistic in style, like this one. Right up until about 5 minutes before I finished this cat, I kept on thinking that it wasn't going to turn out and I'd end up just throwing it away, but then I pulled out one of my new favourite toys - my fine point archival pen - and it suddenly all came together, and I'm quite pleased with the result. We'll see whether there's a market for miniature cats on ebay... I think there probably will be.
If you're at all interested - here is a link that will show you all my current auctions on ebay.
Anyway, so that's that. I'm hoping that this ebay venture will help kick start my website business too, but we'll see. I've still got some work to do on my website, but it will have to wait!

Moving on to other things - Avery and I had a "playdate" on Thursday with about 8 other babies around her age (and their mothers of course!). That was fun! Avery sat and watched in amazement as all the other babies crawled or walked all over the place! I think watching them do it will probably be great motivation for her. I'd give her a toy or a book or something, and one of the other babies would come over and take it from her hands, but she didn't seem to mind because she was more fascinated by how they were moving all by themselves than she was in the toy anyway! She's still not quite crawling on her own yet! She still needs something to push off with her feet, and then she can go, but she hasn't quite figured out how to do it on her own. I'm sure that any day now, something will click and she'll be off! On Friday we went to toys r us and bought a remote controlled car, because Gabe had the idea that if she had something to chase after it would help her want to crawl more. The first couple of times we played with it though, she looked with interest until it actually moved, and that made her jump and start wailing! Poor Baby! But she's picked it up and looked at it now, and I've held her while it's been driving around the room, and she's not scared of it anymore :)
It's Avery's first birthday in just over 3 weeks - I can't believe it! It's absolutely crazy how fast this past year has gone! She's getting wooden blocks for her birthday - lucky girl! It's so hard not to buy her new stuff all the time! When we were in toys r us the other day, I saw so many things that I wanted to buy for her!! But we only went in for a remote controlled toy and some blocks...and we almost managed to just buy that! We also got a cute sun hat for a dollar, and some PJs for when she's a bit bigger - so that was quite restrained of us I think!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Some other pictures

From the huge gaps in between posts...

I had some blogger issues...

So I actually have a fairly valid excuse for not writing for ages this time - I was having a couple of not-being-able-to-access-my-blogger-account issues, but now those seem to be resolved, so here I am!! Aren't you glad? (turns out I had somehow managed to get myself 2 accounts without realising it, and the one I was signing into was not attached to my blog....odd)
Of course, all sorts of things have happened since last I wrote, but I won't go into everything. The most recent highlight has obviously been our first Christmas with Avery, which was super fun, and much more exciting for us than it was for Avery! Somehow we spent far too much money this year, which is odd because we have less money this year than in previous years...hmmm...probably not such a great combination... But it was so fun, so therefore, entirely worth it!! I think we're pretty much relying on Gabe getting this firefighter job which is why we felt okay about spending money, because if he gets it then we'll be making more money than we've ever made, even when we were both working full time! Says a lot about our previous jobs, hey? So we've been sort of just assuming that Gabe will get the job because...well, because he's great, but every now and then we have to say to ourselves "Okay, but if he doesn't get this job...." just in case!! But he will. Or will he...?
Anyway. Avery has become quite the little talker recently - I think sometimes she really believes that she's actually speaking some sort of discernable language, so we go along with it :) It's very cute. She often seems to have very serious and weighty matters to discuss, and lectures anybody who will listen, including pieces of paper and stuffed toys. She doesn't seem to mind if they don't respond. This week has also seen a vast improvement on the standing front - she now seems much more interested in supporting her own weight on those two little legs of hers as long as she's got a sofa or two grown-up hands to hold! She likes to test herself too, by crouching and standing and crouching and standing and crouching and standing again! She also likes to march on the spot. This has been very exciting and fun for us to watch! She is just too, too cute!
Well, I suppose I will cut this one a little short since I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for catching up all of a sudden... But here are some pictures of my beautiful baby. Enjoy!

Big girl!

Ready for a walk

Look what I can do!

I got a CAR for Christmas...What did you get??