Sunday, January 07, 2007

I had some blogger issues...

So I actually have a fairly valid excuse for not writing for ages this time - I was having a couple of not-being-able-to-access-my-blogger-account issues, but now those seem to be resolved, so here I am!! Aren't you glad? (turns out I had somehow managed to get myself 2 accounts without realising it, and the one I was signing into was not attached to my blog....odd)
Of course, all sorts of things have happened since last I wrote, but I won't go into everything. The most recent highlight has obviously been our first Christmas with Avery, which was super fun, and much more exciting for us than it was for Avery! Somehow we spent far too much money this year, which is odd because we have less money this year than in previous years...hmmm...probably not such a great combination... But it was so fun, so therefore, entirely worth it!! I think we're pretty much relying on Gabe getting this firefighter job which is why we felt okay about spending money, because if he gets it then we'll be making more money than we've ever made, even when we were both working full time! Says a lot about our previous jobs, hey? So we've been sort of just assuming that Gabe will get the job because...well, because he's great, but every now and then we have to say to ourselves "Okay, but if he doesn't get this job...." just in case!! But he will. Or will he...?
Anyway. Avery has become quite the little talker recently - I think sometimes she really believes that she's actually speaking some sort of discernable language, so we go along with it :) It's very cute. She often seems to have very serious and weighty matters to discuss, and lectures anybody who will listen, including pieces of paper and stuffed toys. She doesn't seem to mind if they don't respond. This week has also seen a vast improvement on the standing front - she now seems much more interested in supporting her own weight on those two little legs of hers as long as she's got a sofa or two grown-up hands to hold! She likes to test herself too, by crouching and standing and crouching and standing and crouching and standing again! She also likes to march on the spot. This has been very exciting and fun for us to watch! She is just too, too cute!
Well, I suppose I will cut this one a little short since I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for catching up all of a sudden... But here are some pictures of my beautiful baby. Enjoy!

Big girl!

Ready for a walk

Look what I can do!

I got a CAR for Christmas...What did you get??


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