Saturday, April 14, 2007

I wish that I remembered to write on here more often. Once upon a time I was good at writing in my journal on a fairly regular basis, but now I hardly ever record my life and thoughts on anything. It's bad! How will I know I existed?? And what I really feel bad about is that I've not really recorded much of Avery's first year either, even though my sister gave me the cutest little "first year" book - all I need to do is fill in the blanks, and I can't even do that! Oh dear!!! At least I've sort of made up for it by taking too many photos!

Avery is 14 months old today, and is doing wonderfully of course! She now has 6 teeth, and I think she's working on 1 or 2 more. She's become quite a fast little army crawler!! And she's getting soooooo heavy!! I took her into Provisions today, and Christy said she wouldn't have recognised her if I hadn't been with her because she's just grown so much since she last saw her! I don't think Christy's seen her for probably 6 months. In the last couple of weeks I've also started putting bows and clips into her hair, which I think looks really cute! I haven't done it before now because it just looked silly, but I think her hair is getting long enough now that it looks cute. She recognises quite a few words now and knows what they mean. She knows blow, kiss, clap, wave, goodbye, hello, no and .... maybe that's it. She's become a huge fan of blowing! She blows when you tell her to, and she blows at ceiling fans, the stuff on our fridge, and recently she's started blowing at me whenever I go in to get her out of bed!! It's very strange!! She squeeks with joy when I walk in and then spends the nect few minutes blowing on me!! I don't know why....! She also likes to nod when I tell her "no" which is funny because I think it's her way of disagreeing with my decision! For example - she's been using the toilet every day for a few weeks now, and recently she's discovered that she can reach behind her and make noise by banging the toilet lid against the cistern. Sometimes though she moves it too much and ends up with it on her back, at which point she just leans all the way forward, looks at me and freezes as if she doesn't know what's on her back but it's a little scary! So I decided she's not allowed to touch it anymore, so when she reaches back there I say "No" and she freezes with her hand still on the lid and starts nodding at me. She's so serious when she nods too - she raises her eyebrows and keeps her eyes on me as she nods emphatically! So I say no a couple more times, and she disagrees with me, but then lets go and plays with the curtain. She likes for me to say "open" and "closed" while she opens and closes the curtain. Who'd have thought there was so much to entertain in the bathroom?? The kissing thing is very cute too! She likes to kiss a lot now, and will kiss you when you ask her. Unless she doesn't want to!! Sometimes she'll kiss Gabe but not me, and sometimes it's the other way round. She never turns down her cuddly sheep though - she'll kiss him repeatedly for quite a while! I'll put him in front of her and say "Kiss?" and she'll lean forward and give him a kiss on his soft little mouth! She hasn't quite got the sound coordinated with the action - a lot of times she leans forward and put her pursed little lips on his face silently, and then when she sits back up again she makes the little smacking sound with her lips. But it's so sweet!! This afternoon I walked into the front room and she had gone and picked up her little cuddly octopus thing and was in the process of giving him lots of kisses.