Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I know it's been a while...

Yes, I know, it's been a couple of months since I've written, but to be honest, I just haven't felt like it! I have actually been quite busy recently though, so I'll attempt to catch up a little bit. I'll start with some pictures of Avery :)

Playing video games with Daddy

Bathtime silliness.....

Sitting on the toilet is so much fun....!

More video games!

Playing in the stream with Dad.

I. Am. So. Cool.

NICU graduates birthday party!

Avery and cousin Claire in matching shirts :)

Playing at Claire's house

Pool time with Lucas and Kayla

Strike a pose
Yes, this is how it's supposed to be worn.

So! Now for some words I suppose :) In June Avery and I went up to Leesburg a couple of times to stay with Joe, Jess and Claire. Jess was supposed to be on bed rest, so we went up to help out so that Joe could actually go to work! It was fun, and Avery had a great time playing with Claire! It was funny to see the little things they picked up from each other! Like, for example, Claire likes to eat her Daddy's toes, which is not anything Avery's ever done, but for a little while after we got back she did try to eat my toe! And Avery got Claire addicted to graham crackers, and saying "myumyum" for yummy. They were very cute together :) It made me wish even more that we lived closer to family. I really want for Avery to grow up with lots of cousins nearby! Anyway, I was going to be going up to Leesburg again this week, but Avery and I both had colds last week and I didn't want to pass anything on to Claire or brand new baby Lily! But it made me sad not to go, because I'd really like to see Lily!! I'm sure she's just adorable if she's anything like Claire!

Avery is doing wonderfully! I just can't believe how big she's getting! She'll be 18 months old in a couple of weeks, which is just crazy! She's got quite a few words now. Her newest favourite thing to say is "Annie" which means "I need", and she is evidently an extremely needy little girl! She needs everything!!! It's very cute! I have no idea where she got it from though, because I'm sure we don't say we need stuff much at all! So it's strange :) The past couple of days it has started to get to the point that I think we might need to break her of the habit of saying she needs stuff, because she has started to point at stuff and say "Annie! Annie! Annie! Annie!" over and over again, and then get angry if she doesn't get it, and that's not good. So now she says Daddy, Mummy, Baby, Hi, Bye, Wiggle, I need, Boo, Raaa (apparently, pretty much all animals say Raa! Except for sheep - they say Baa) and she nods for yes and shakes her head for no. She also claps her hands if she wants to be picked up when I ask her. Her newest favourite thing to do is to push her push toy around on her knees, although she gets angry when it won't go forward anymore because she's pushed it into a wall or something!! She's a very speedy little crawler now, and I still am just so excited whenever I see her going top speed around the house! She's such a wonderful miracle! I just love her to bits! She's going to be getting a walker soon, and hopefully some braces too, so that she can start to learn to walk properly! So that's pretty exciting. Yesterday we took her to the park, and she had such a great time! It was the first time that she was really interactive with the stuff at the park, which was just too much fun for us! She loved going down the slide, and everytime she went down, she'd turn around and just say "I need! I need!" because she wanted to go down again! And then we took her socks off and rolled up her trousers so that she could crawl up the little chutes and slides, and she loved that too! We were quite amazed at how good she was at crawling up slopes! For the steepest parts she just needed a hand behind her foot so that she wouldn't slide back down again, but she just kept on crawling up to me at the top, and then turning around and sliding right back down to Gabe! She we all just had a great time at the park!

Anyway. Other than that, I've also been doing some other stuff! I did an art show earlier this month - my first proper one, and it was actually a lot of fun!! I sold a couple of originals and a few prints, and I even got a couple of commissions out of it, so it was definitely a success for me! And I had a great time too! I met some really nice other artists while I was there, and found out about other art shows and groups and stuff, so it was most definitely worth my time to do it, and I'd definitely do it again! So now I'm trying to keep my eyes and ears open for any other art shows that might be going on.

These are my most recently completed commissions.

A couple of people I spoke to at the art show said that they used to do commissions, but they stopped doing them because people kept on being to fussy or meticulous about their paintings, but I'm still really enjoying doing them! I hope I always will enjoy doing them, because it's such a great way of making a little extra money from home, and I love hearing/seeing people's reactions when they see their completed paintings! So I just love it. I have 3 commissions that I'm working on at the moment, so that's just great! It's nice to be busy with that. I am so glad that I have something like that for myself - I really feel that it's important for my sanity and self worth to have something that's just for me like that - it helps keep me feeling like a human being! I love being a mother, and I love being a wife, and I also love being just me! So life is good.

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