Monday, April 28, 2008

...and now we're all caught up!

April It's raining colourful foam shapes - Glorious day!!

Okay, so now I've managed to bring all the pictures up to date, I'll try to catch up on news and what not. Seems like the right thing to do :)

I'm now just about 25 weeks along with this pregnancy, although to look at me you'd think I was a lot further!! It's pretty crazy how soon I started looking pregnant this time! I know they say you show sooner with the second pregnancy, but this was a little ridiculous :D But that's okay! I've also been surprised by how much sooner other stuff started happening with this one than they did with Avery. You know, things like the heartburn and the aches and pains. Nothing too terrible, but it was surprising how early they started. Also, I've been having those weird fake contractions once or twice a day for about a month already, which is really crazy because I don't think I had any contractions at all with Avery until the day my water broke! Craziness! But my ob-gyn says it's nothing to worry about unless I get several in an hour, and that hasn't happened. Another thing that I think is different is that I think this little boy moves around a lot more than Avery did at this stage. Or maybe it's just that he doesn't seem to have an awake time and an asleep time like Avery did - I feel him moving a lot at any time of the day really. It's pretty fun :) Especially since he's now big enough for us to be able to see him moving! I've been trying to get Avery to watch or touch my tummy long enough to feel or see him, but she isn't too interested. She knows that's where her baby brother is, but then the other day when a lady was asking her about her baby brother she pointed to her own tummy, so I don't know how well she understands the whole pregnancy thing :D

Gabe has been working on the new nursery/playroom. The whole ceiling had to be replaced, and so this old house continues to be an educational experience for him! It's going to look great though, and will probably be the nicest ceiling in the whole house! But it's been keeping him quite busy, because as always, nothing in this house is ever as simple as you think it's going to be because nothing is standard, and you discover one problem is the result of another problem you hadn't been aware of, but he's got it all figured out now I think! He put the second layer of joint compound over the drywall this morning, so we (or he!) should be able to start painting soon. I am SOOO looking forward to that room being finished because our downstairs will look so much better once it's done! Since it's going to be the playroom too, most of Avery's toys will be going up there too, so our house won't look like toy land the minute you walk in the door! Yay! We'll still have one large toy chest down here, but the rule will be that she can only have as many toys down here as will fit in that toy chest, so when she's finished playing everything can go away and the lid can be closed and you won't see any toys! Yay! Although I'll probably keep at least one of her push toys down here too, but that will be all. Averything else upstairs :)

Avery did 3 sessions of therapeutic horse back riding with her PT Lisa, which she absolutely loved!!! We've been trying to get the hippotherapy approved by insurance which is proving to be harder than it should be, but while we were waiting for that we were lucky enough to be able to squeeze her into the last 3 sessions with Lisa, which was wonderful! Since it's officially therapeutic riding and not hippotherapy there, it wasn't covered by any health insurance, so we just had to pay for it out of pocket, but the benefits of it were of course as good as they could be, because we were doing it with Lisa who has been Avery's physical therapist since she was about 4 months old, so she knows her really well and knows exactly what she needs. And Avery just loved it! I'm so hoping we'll be able to get her into this next 6 week session at the hippotherapy place, because I just don't think we can afford it if it's not covered by insurance.

Avery has also been evaluated recently for the REACH preschool program, which just sounds like such an amazing program and I am so hoping she qualifies for it. Our Early Intervention team recommended her for it, and she was evaluated almost 2 weeks ago - we're just waiting to hear what they've decided. It's supposed to be that you qualify for the program if you have a 25% delay in at least one area, which of course Avery does have since she's not walking yet. The problem may be that she'll only qualify for physical therapy and not the actual preschool program because she's so bright and intelligent. Of course, it's wonderful that she's so smart, but the problem is that if she doesn't qualify for REACH then I can't exactly send her to a regular preschool because she can't walk. And even if I could send her to a regular preschool, it wouldn't be nearly as beneficial as the REACH thing would because her entire time at the REACH preschool would be designed around her individual developmental needs and goals. I'm trying not to worry about it too much though until we hear back from them. Of course, the other thing is that by the time preschool starts I'll have a newborn as well as Avery, so while I am spending all this time working with her every day, I doubt I'll have as much time to devote to her therapy once her baby brother gets here, so she will need to be getting as much help as she can get.

Lisa thinks that it's a realistic goal to expect Avery to be getting up and using her walker independently by the fall. That would be so wonderful. She's doing really well with it right now, and I try to get out to a park with her every day if I can so that she gets at least a good 25 minute walk every day, but that doesn't always work out. But since we have been doing that, her walking has improved SOOO much! It's something that I find we have to leave the house for because she's just not motivated to walk at home since she can get everywhere she wants to go by crawling. And some days it's easier than others - sometimes she just doesn't want to walk at all and I can barely get her to take 3 steps before she just plain refuses to walk anymore! Those days do wonders for my pregnant back....!

Well, it's getting late and I need to go to bed. I'll try to make sure I don't wait another 4 months before posting again :D

...even more pictures....

March - April Avery found a hat and an old pacifier she never used in her toy chest that week, and she could rarely be found without them the entire week! Especially the was officially Hat Week.
Hat Week continues as Avery enjoys a snack and a song on the computer...
Inca didn't participate in Hat Week, but Avery still loved her :)
Avery at the Early Intervention Spring Celebration in Salem.
Grumpy face -it's the coolest :D

...yet more photos....

March Sitting on our giant, amazing new bed!
Me and my little girl :)
My Easter nest cup cakes I made for Easter Sunday with the Symes and the Doroughs! They were at least as delicious as they were cute :D
Victorious egg hunters returned from the hunt!
Avery begged to hold baby Trevor! She loves babies so much, which bodes well for the arrival of her little brother in August! Funnily enough, even though we had spent an entire day with Trevor and his sister and mother that very week and she had called him Trevor all day, on Easter sunday and for the next couple of times we saw him she kept on calling him Lilly, which is especially funny because the last time we saw her cousin Lilly she was several months older than this! Weird...!

...and more....

February (Avery's birthday) Blowing out the candles!
Mmmmm, chocolate cake!
Presents!!! This is an alphabet train station with lots of animals and stuff - she loves it even more now than she did then!!
A chocolate-filled tin wih a light-up lid - her Grandma knows her so well :D
Another present from Grandma - a wooden lace-up toy. She still doesn't quite grasp the concept, but she really likes to use the laces as necklaces! She's a girl who likes to accessorise...!


January - February A fun new game Daddy invented....she loved it!

Playing with Inca, our pet guinea pig.

Inca again.

Avery's birthday party at Chuck-e-cheese. Playing with Sam and Pierce.

Birthday pizza with her best friend Kayla :D Oh happy day!

Catch-up Pictures!

December - January Playgroup Christmas party

Walking the Syme's dog in the park on a cold, cold sunny day!

Sliding is fun! But this was before she realised that going down the slide meant that she had to walk around and climb up the steps again, which is apparently not very often worth the effort, so now she mostly avoids the slides and just crawls all around the top instead.

Who doesn't like doing this??

Again, this was back when swings were the coolest, but now she's far too busy for swings! I think she decided she didn't like not being able to move herself, although she still really likes watching other people swing!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quick post

Okay, this is going to be super short. I jsut realised I hadn't written on here since December, and that's pretty pathetic, but I have a ton of stuff I need to be doing today, so I don't have time to write at all really! But part of the reason for my neglect may be that in December we found out we're having another baby, so we're really excited about that, but then I was dead to the world for a while as I tried to survive the sickness phase! But that's over now, and I'm feeling pretty good. We're having a boy - due August 16th, and we're very excited! I have decided that the one positive thing about having awful, life-draining sickness in the first few months of pregnancy is that for the rest of the pregnany you can be in agony with whatever else your pregnant body throws at you, and it's okay, because at least you don't feel sick anymore!! So although I am dealing with both carpal tunnel and leg cramps that wake me up multiple times every night, and my left ribs have been almost constant agony for more than a month already, it's okay! I would pick those things over "morning" sickness ANY DAY!!