Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quick post

Okay, this is going to be super short. I jsut realised I hadn't written on here since December, and that's pretty pathetic, but I have a ton of stuff I need to be doing today, so I don't have time to write at all really! But part of the reason for my neglect may be that in December we found out we're having another baby, so we're really excited about that, but then I was dead to the world for a while as I tried to survive the sickness phase! But that's over now, and I'm feeling pretty good. We're having a boy - due August 16th, and we're very excited! I have decided that the one positive thing about having awful, life-draining sickness in the first few months of pregnancy is that for the rest of the pregnany you can be in agony with whatever else your pregnant body throws at you, and it's okay, because at least you don't feel sick anymore!! So although I am dealing with both carpal tunnel and leg cramps that wake me up multiple times every night, and my left ribs have been almost constant agony for more than a month already, it's okay! I would pick those things over "morning" sickness ANY DAY!!

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b marie said...

I agree!! Pregnancy sickness (because "morning" doesn't even begin to cover it) is the WORST! Can't wait to see some belly pictures of YOU cute girl - post some soon!!