Thursday, May 08, 2008

Latest scans

One good thing about this pregnancy being high-risk is that I get to see my baby at every appointment! Also, on top of my regular prenatal check-ups at my ob-gyn, I am also going to the prenatal diagnostics center, and their ultrasound machine thing is cooler than the one at my ob-gyn's! The picture is clearer, which means I get a really good look at my little boy! So this week I had an appointment there, just to make sure everything was still looking good in there - which it is - so that was great! I wish the pictures they printed out looked as good as the pictures on the screen, but they never do! But here are a couple of them anyway.

The first one is his profile, obviously :) The second picture is looking at his cute little face, and that's the one that really doesn't show how cute it was! You know how a lot of the time they look like little skeletal aliens when you see them face on in these ultrasounds? Well, because he's getting fatter and stuff now, you can actually see his cute little nose and lips and eyelids now, and it looked really cute! You can sort of see that in the second picture, but believe me, it looked even cuter when I was there watching him move around on the screen!
Thankfully the little boy has decided to get his feet out of my pelvis and stop kicking me in the bladder and all the other uncomfortable places he was kicking me down there! Monday afternoon I had a feeling that he had moved into a better position, and at the scan on Wednesday I found out I was right! I find I'm much more aware of what position he's in than I was when I was pregnant with Avery. The lady who did my scan on Wednesday said that it might have something to do with the fact that the placenta is all the way at the back (which is also good because it's nowhere near my c-section scar), which means that there's only about 1.5cm between my skin and him, so I can probably feel him a lot more. Which also explains why he seems to move so much more than Avery! Maybe he does, or maybe I can just feel it more.
I'll tell you though - I am not enjoying these braxton hicks. Tuesday I swear I had about 15 of them, and they're just not comfortable at all. And the bottom of my back has been hurting a lot more too - sometimes I just can't move it hurts so much! Most of the time it's not too bad, but when it hurts, it really hurts. My goodness, I look forward to the day when I don't have to carry my sweet little girl around so much! I'm sure that's not doing anything for my aches and pains!
Avery started hippotherapy again on Monday. This new place isn't nearly so convenient location wise - we have to drive 25 miles to get there instead of the 10 miles we were driving before - and it's a shame we can't do it with Lisa anymore since she knows her so well, but they seem very nice at this new place. It's called Many Blessings farm, and it's out in the middle of nowhere. The horse Avery rode was called Promise, and Avery was excited to ride the horse again, but I think she was a little overwhelmed at first with all the new faces, but she'll get used to that I'm sure. The new therapist's name is Cathy, and the girls who led the horse and did the side-walking were very nice too. Because we didn't find out whether insurance would cover it until last Friday, we had to take the only time slot they had left, which is 2:45pm, which is fine except that it meant that I had to wake her up from her nap at 1:45 to get there in time, but she fell asleep in the car again on the way there, so it wasn't a big deal. Coming back though we got stuck on those little roads behind a truck that couldn't go over 25mph if we were on the slightest slope, and even when it was flat he didn't go over 35 or 40 mph, and the speed limit was 55mph, and so then when we got back into Roanoke we were jsut in time for the beginning of rush hour which meant that it took us about 15 minutes to get across Elm Bridge! Oh how I despise Elm Bridge! So anyway, we left the house at 1:50pm and didn't get home until 4:30pm, all for a half hour ride! So I really hope this hippotherapy helps a lot if we're going to be doing that every week!! But I do think it's helping already, and she does love it, so I'm sure it will be worth it.
Anyway, that's it for now. Bridget - I would post pictures of my pregnant self, but I don't have any!! You'll have to nag my husband about that one....! Until then though, you'll just have to believe me, I look plenty pregnant enough :D I always feel like I have to tell people I'm not as far along as I look when they ask how far along I am, because I seriously look about 8 months pregnant already!!!!


b marie said...

Yay for scans, very exciting for you to get to see him so much! I am very lucky to have a built-in ultrasound man at my beck and call because otherwise my only scan would be the 7 week tadpole one!
Tell that Gabe (stinkin monkey) to get that camera ready, I wanna see Jo tummy! :)

Allison said...

What a cutie! So glad you'll have the complete set now boy and girl. Tell Gabe to take your picture, ding dong! And you know those Ucheruses grow much faster the 2nd time around. It's already been there, done that. I'm sure you look beautiful!