Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I think it's a dog....

Last night I was looking at one of Avery's books with her and she pointed at a picture of a dog and said "What's that", so I said, "Is it a puppy?" and she said, "No, I think it's a dog". So, I pointed to a picture of an apple and said "Is that a flower?" and she said "No, I think it's a apple". She's so cute, and she just keeps on getting more clever all the time! I love being able to have pretty decent conversations with her. She just gets to be even more fun as time goes on!

This is what I came downstairs to find last Thursday. Avery got a cold (I suppose we'll be getting more of those now that she's at preschool...), so she (we) had a pretty miserable night, so when she woke up again at 6-ish, Gabe took her downstairs with her pillow and blanket and let her watch sesame street, and then he fell asleep on the other couch. Quite pathetic, but quite cute at the same time. Poor baby. She was a mess all day - watery eyes, big dark circles under them, runny nose, faraway look - she spent almost all day just like this - lying on the couch watching various movies. Brogan got sniffly too, but luckily enough he didn't seem to get it nearly as badly as she did, which was wonderful. I got the cold on Friday night, and it was pretty miserable all day on Saturday, but felt much better by Sunday. So at least it didn't last long!

Brogan has the cutest smile, but of course trying to catch it on camera is impossible!! This was Gabe trying to make him smile, but he was stubbornly refusing because I had the camera out! Also, if you look at his little onesie, you can see that it has a little "CP" for "Classic Pooh" on it, but when Gabe noticed it he said, "CP? So what, is he going to wear cerebral palsy on his clothes now??" Haha - he's just being supportive of his big sister I suppose......!

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Allison said...

Oh my goodness he is absolutely precious!!! I can't wait to meet him. Love the pic of Gabe and Avry passed out on the couch!! too cute!