Monday, September 08, 2008

Well, everything is wonderful! I never will understand those women who say "Just you wait - give it a few weeks and you'll be wishing you could put the baby back in!" Even if my baby cried all day, I don't think I would ever choose to be pregnant rather than being able to hold my baby in my arms! Of course, it helps that Brogan is an absolute delight so far! Saturday night was a "bad" night because he woke up every 2 hours instead of every 3 or 4 hours, but even that bad night was better than every night of my third trimester!

Brogan is wonderfully healthy and lovely! I am amazed at how much easier this whole baby thing is the second time around! I remember how overwhelmed I was the first time, but this time it is so much easier! Oh, the joy of learning from past experiences!

Avery still adores Brogan. She is very gentle with him and asks to hold him - although she's always satisfied to hold him for about 2 seconds, and then she's ready to give him back! But when I'm holding him, or he's on the floor or something, she'll come over and gives him kisses and hugs, and the really funny thing is when he moves when she touches him, because then she goes "Don't touch me Brogan!!" It's hilarious! Also, she's created a new verb - when he cries she tells me that he's "sadding". I like sadding - I think we'll keep it :D Oh, and the other verb she likes is "soft", as in "I soft him Mummy" as she strokes his hair. Very cute.

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