Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Avery's AFOs

I've been meaning to get some pictures of Avery's braces on here for a while, so here they are finally! She's had this particular pair for about 6 months now, and as you can see, she's starting to grow out of them. Last time we went to see Dr Brown he wrote a prescription to have them adjusted or replaced, but she's been complaining about them quite a bit recently, so I have a feeling we'll need to get a new pair and not just have these adjusted. We'll see, we have an appointment at the orthotics place on Friday morning.
Avery can now get up into this chair all by herself!!!! She's a pro! She just started doing it about 3 weeks ago - before that she needed a lot of help getting into these little chairs. For a few weeks before she finaly figured it out, she was doing a lot of playing around on the stairs - climbing up one step, turning around, sitting down, climbing up to the next step, sitting down - so I think that helped her figure out how to do it and then she was ready to try it with the much smaller space of a child's chair. They also sit in little chairs every day at school, so that probably was part of it too. So proud of her! Of course, the one time she tried to get out of it properly by turning around and getting down, the chair fell over and she banged her head on the wall, so she doesn't do that anymore - she prefers instead to lean forward with her arms outstretched until the chair tips forward and she lands on her hands and knees :)

You can also see she's wearing her eye patch in this photo. It used to be a battle of wills every time we put her eye patch on, but for the past couple of months she has been an absolute angel and doesn't even complain about it! I think it's because she gets to pick out a sticker to put on the patch every day, and she thinks that is pretty cool. Also, recently when she's been choosing her sticker, she's been looking forward to showing it to Miss Leslie when she gets to school! For the past week she's picked a football (soccer ball), which she calls a baseball, almost every day, and has just been so excited to show it to Miss Leslie! It's quite cute! She wears it for two hours every day, and then she gets to take it off herself, and she likes to peel off the sticker and stick it on her shirt. I'm amazed at how compliant she is - I would hate to wear one of those things every day. She's such a sweet girl.

Avery loves her little brother! She's so gentle with him and sweet. It's funny too, because everytime she sees me changing his dirty diaper, she comes over and says "He pooped!! Oh! Well done Brogan! Good job!! Yay!!" and she claps her hands and cheers! I think that because she's always struggled with constipation, she thinks it must be just as exciting for everyone else when they poop :) Speaking of constipation though, Avery has been doing marvelously recently!! For the past two weeks I haven't even had to give her any miralax, and she's been going without any fuss at all almost every day! Maybe we've finally overcome the contipation hurdle? I don't know, but I certainly hope so! I think that because she's on her feet and walking around so much every day at school, it's finally got her bowels active and moving the way they should. Exciting times!

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