Thursday, October 09, 2008

Baths, birthday parties, helicopters and lions!

Bath time is serious business...! Actually, he seems to quite like bath time, and only cries once he's out and waiting to be dressed :) When this picture was taken he was still into keeping his little fists balled up tight, so I could hardly get them open to clean them!

This was after the same bath, before he got upset about being naked and wet!! There's nothing like a freshly bathed baby - so soft a warm and wonderful smelling!!

At Avery's friend Kayla's 3rd birthday party. This wasn't exactly the face I had in mind when I asked her to give me a big smile...but oh well!! At least she didn't actually pull the table cloth off!
Gabe took Avery to go watch the helicopters taking off and landing at work - she loved it! She used to call them "helclotter", but she's much closer to saying it properly now! Helclotter was very cute though, especially since it was always said with such enthusiasm!! This is a girl who should probably go into transportation when she's older because she adores anything that goes!

Paul and Ricky sent Brogan this adorable lion! Avery loves it, and Brogan doesn't seem to mind letting her play with it, funnily enough...! Of course, he might mind a little a few months down the road....!

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