Thursday, October 09, 2008

Blessing weekend

My father-in-law and one of my brothers-in-law and his family came for the weekend that we were blessing Brogan, which was just lovely! Strangley enough, this was actually the first time that Avery had met her Grandpa, and I was just so excited for that! And I always love spending time with Joe and Jess too, so I was so happy that they were all able to come. Avery was excited too, and before they arrived when I was trying to get her dressed and get her hair done, she kept on putting on necklaces and picking out hairclips and telling me that she wanted to show Grandpa! It was cute.
This was Saturday evening, we all went out to eat at Nawab downtown - delicious Indian food! Mmmm! And as it turns out, it doesn't seem to bother Brogan when I eat spicy food! :D With I was nursing Avery I had to avoid things like broccoli because if I ate it then she would be up all night with painful gas. Not a fun time! But so far with Brogan I've been able to eat anything I want without it affecting him! Also, he is so clean!! I used to have to change Avery's clothes at least once or twice a day because she used to spit up a little or a lot when I burped her, but Brogan never does that! He could wear the same clothes for days! Anyway...tangent...back to the photos.
This was after church. Joe and Jess stayed for sacrament meeting, but then had to come back to our house to put their girls down for naps. Hans and Joe helped Gabe with Brogan's blessing, along with Bishop Ellsworth, Nathan Hunt and Bro Shorter. It was a lovely blessing - I wrote some notes on the back of Gabe's sunday school lesson, but unfortunately he forgot and threw it away after he'd taught his lesson. Also, unfortunately I didn't get a close up picture of Brogan in his outift. He wore an adorable little outfit my mother gave us, an all white little one piece with a little white jacket with silky white teddy bear patches. And that blanket is actually a really nice one my Aunty Maureen sent us when Avery was born.
When Joe and Jess were getting ready to leave on Sunday night, Avery and Claire had a great time following each other up and down the driveway. They're sweet girls and already love each other - I'm sure they'll be great friends as they grow up!
Brogan, his daddy, and his daddy! And uncle Richard in the background who showed up for dinner with his daughter Lilly.
Avery saying goodbye to her Grandpa. She loves him! It really was so fun having him here! I wish they all could have been here for longer - it felt so rushed! But I'm glad they could come even for that short time.

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