Sunday, November 09, 2008

Brogan got stuck halfway when he was rolling over the other day, which he found quite distressing until her realised that he could suck on his sleeve, and then he was perfectly happy.
He scratched his face again - in exactly the same place as the first time!! But somehow he still manages to be adorable :)

Brogan now plays with the toys on his little playmat. Well, by "play" I mean he bats at them with his fists, but that counts as playing :) And today he was even grabbing at them a little.

This is Avery's horse. It's one of her favourite toys right now. She named it Promis after the horse she rides at hippotherapy. She was showing Brogan how Promise rocks - he didn't seem to mind :)

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b marie said...

Wow!! Lots of new pictures, love these shots! Everyone is looking so great, we miss you guys. And it is officially your fault that I am now obsessed with the Twilight books. :) Can't wait for the movie on the 21st!!