Sunday, November 02, 2008

Day-after-halloween party :)

Gabe's partner at work had a little halloween party at her house last night, so we found a babysitter (another lady from Gabe's work - she's really nice and Avery had a great time with her and her family!!) and spent a whole evening out without children! It was really fun! It was the night after halloween because Gabe and Jen were both working til 11pm on Halloween.

Sarah Palin, the Joker, a dirty pirate, a witch, Rachel Ray and a hill billy :)

Gabe the dirty pirate and me, the witch :)

Oooh, scary.....
Yup, me again :) I've decided that fake sparkly lashes are actually quite fun :D

It was really quite a fun little party - we had snacks and enchiladas and candy, and we played guitar hero on the Wii, which is a super fun game :)

We left that party early to then go over the the Syme's house for a Halo/Rock Band party with Andy and some of the young men from church, and I have to tell you that I'm quite proud of the fact that even though I've barely played since Avery was born, I still held my own in Halo against a bunch of teenage boys!! hahaha! And if we don't count Gabe, which we chouldn't because he's so much better than everyone else that it's not even funny, I even won one of the games!! Then in Rock band we played teenagers against adults, and unfrotunately the teenagers beat us in that one.........oh well! That is one fun game though, I'd like to own it one day :)
Anyway, even though it wasn't some big huge date night or anything, it was actually so much fun to spend an evening away from Avery and Brogan! Of course I love them to pieces, but it was lovely to be able to play and talk and stuff without having to watch out for them for a little while. We dropped them off at about 6pm and picked them up at 11:30pm, and it was great! Avery had a blast too, Gabe had told them that Meet The Robinsons is her current favourite movie, so they put that on for her and she was apparently thoroughly entertained/entertaining. If you ever get a chance to watch that movie with Avery, I would recommend it....on it's own it's great, but with Avery it's a whole new experience :D
Anyway. A fun night.

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Syme Family News said...

That is hilarious. I wish I had seen you win in Halo. We sure love having you all over.