Sunday, November 30, 2008

November - Grandma's here!!

My mother arrived the day before Thanksgiving and stayed til the day after Christmas, and Avery still talks about her every day almost a month later! (It's now January 21st - I'm still trying to catch up...!) We all loved having her here, but Avery especially, and they had a wonderful time together!
Our friends the Reedheads sent this super fun little gift set over with my Mother for Brogan, along with some chocolate for the rest of us. Do you think it's British enough?? Haha! I love it! The little plane on the bib squeaks, and the ones on the mittens rattle. I think it's great!! Gabe on the other hand....! Ha, no, he likes it too :)
Grandmas are apparently excellent for climbing on. Avery did this many times while she was here!

When this photo was taken on a trip to the park, Avery still needed a little help using her crutches, but since then she has become quite proficient at using them all by herself! She's still much faster and more stable with her walker, but she is able to use her crutches quite confidently now with no one holding on to her. She has made so much progress recently, I'm so proud of her.

On the swings :)

I love this photo of Brogan with his Grandma.

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