Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sunday and Bedtime Story

I took a few photos of Gabe and the children (that still sounds strange...i not only have a child, but children!) on Sunday before church. My three favourite people in the whole world :)
Brogan is wearing the cutest little hoodie which we got as a gift from Sebastian and Jenna. Love it! Avery is wearing a shirt and skirt because she didn't want to wear a dress! She's started getting picky about that sort of thing. Well, mostly she doesn't mind what she wears as long as it's not a dress.... funny girl! I gave her the choice of 2 very pretty dresses on Sunday, and she about had a fit saying "Noooooo! I need to wear a shirt!!!!!" Funny, funny girl....

I've been meaning to write about a few things before I forget them. I wish I was better at writing things down... I still have a few pages of my "journal" which my mother wrote in my baby book from when I was litle, and I love those, so I wish I was better at doing that for my children. It's funny to read about things I did and said as a toddler. So that's one of the purposes of this blog. One of the other reasons I've been trying so hard to be better at this is because I've been feeling bad about how bad I've been at staying in touch with family members, etc, so I feel as though this is a good way to at least keep you all up to date with what's going on with me and my family, even if it's a little impersonal. For those of you who are getting automatic emails every time I post, if you would prefer to not get them, please let me know. I've been trying to be a better person in general recently, and this blog is part of my effort.
Bedtime with Avery has always been interesting! She's always been good at finding ways to delay it if at all possible. One of her favourites is insisting that she needs to use the toilet, even though she only really wants to sit there so that she doesn't have to go to bed. But here's the basic routine these days: Once we're upstairs, she uses the potty, and while she's sitting there she brushes her teeth. Daddy for some reason thought it would be a good idea to teach her how to spit while brushing her teeth, in preparation for using "big girl" toothpaste and all of that, but I think it would have been better to wait until she was able to stand at the sink to brush her teeth, because it means that if I'm not right there ready to catch it, she just spits on her shirt!! But she brushes her teeth, and usually wants me to brush my teeth too, then I help her finish, and count to 40 while I brush. We then go through a few rounds of "Are you ready to wipe your bottom?" and "No!! I need to pee some more!!" and "Okay, well I'll wait in your room until you're ready to wipe" and "I need a book!" and "Okay, you can have a book when you've finished on the potty" until we finally get to "Okay, I finished" This takes longer some nights than other nights :) Then we go into her room and get changed into her pajamas. Then I help her say her prayers. Some nights she likes to make one of her baby dolls pray, and she holds it and folds its arms while she says the prayer, and then after she says amen she says "oh, good job baby! Well done folding your arms!" Then it's time to go pick out "just only one book" from her book shelf. Then commences the putting to bed of her one book and any soft toys that may not already be in bed. This is how that goes "Book is soooooo tired...he needs to go to bed" and then she helps it "climb" up into bed and crawl over the top of her bed rail. Once everyone's in bed she climbs up into bed herself with the help of her step stool, and then she does her ten jumps. She holds onto her bed rail and jumps on her knees, and I have to count her ten jumps, which range in number anywhere from 10 to 31!!! Then I ask her if she'd like a story or a song, and she almost always picks a song. (She likes Daddy's stories better than mine I think) So I turn off her light and she asks for her blankets and I sing her a song - she seems to like "Jesus said love everyone" most often- and then she says "Was that a good song? I liked it!" Recently she's started wanting to hide under her blankets, so the last thing I do before I leave is get a kiss, and then she says she needs her bunny and her puppy to hide with her under the blanket, so then once she's covered up I leave and pull the door to. But I don't close it - and I have to leave the hall light on. Out of the blue she developed a fear of the dark a few months ago, so now we have to leave the bathroom or hall light on all night otherwise she wakes up screaming in terror in the middle of the night. So that's about it! Of course, it's not exactly the same every night - sometimes she makes it very difficult and ends up in tears, and sometimes she skips right ahead and climbs into bed without being asked and says "good night" before she's even in her PJs! But she's very cute. I love being her mother.


Allison said...

Josephine...what a special tribute to the little things we do every day but don't realize that one day we'll want to remember all those details and how precious these days are. I laughed out loud at this sweet tale of your routine. Avery sounds like such a craker jack girl. Don't you just love this age!! I'm so glad yall are doing good, and your new addition is absolutely adorable. You are a wonderful mom for loving the little things and writing them down. You warm my heart!

Allison said...

one more thought, Can't remember if I've shared this with you yet. Go to and you can download your blog into an album. I'm doing it once a year as a family album\journal as a keepsake. Pretty inexpensive too, compared to the cost of scrapbooking, I've already done one and it turned out beautiful. Love ya babe!! alli