Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December - More pictures

Brogan's Christmas present. Although, he's not allowed to play in it right now (today's actually jan 21st, and we put it out on the back porch a few days ago because he started wanting to never bend his legs because he likes standing up in this thing, which meant that he stopped rolling over, which just won't do! So for now, we've put it away)

Avery enjoying her last few moments with Grandma while we waited for her plane to board at the airport.

Our sweet, sweet home teachers made this for Avery as a Christmas surprise after hearing us talk about how we wanted to make her a bar she could stand at and walk along while she watched TV. This was shortly after they brought it over, and she loved it from the minute she saw it, and didn't need us to tell her what it was for or anything - she just went straight over and pulled herself up!

Playing with glitter - one of her Christmas presents. Daddy has now banned the glitter because it keeps on getting stuck on Brogan's scalp and leaving colourful marks...oops!

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overseas grandma said...

Wow! The standing bar is amazing - you should write an Ensign article about it. How utterly, utterly wonderful of them, please tell them they have a Grandma's gratitude too. I love that it's pink and it looks so well made!
So Brogan really took to his standing toy - too much so obviously, he is such a beautiful boy, everyone says he's the handsomest/prettiest baby ever.