Thursday, January 22, 2009

Breakfast and Bathtime

Avery is quite the determined little helper these days. This was her this morning when I was getting ready to give Brogan some pureed pears for breakfast...I started to buckle him in and she got quite cross with me and insisted on doing it herself! Of course, Brogan was just happy to see his favourite person so close :)

This evening Avery and Brogan shared their first proper bath together and both of them loved it! This was the first time I put put Brogan in his little bath chair thing, which meant there was room in the bath for his sister too. Fun times!


b marie said...

Hooray! Super cute bath pictures. Darcy has that exact same chair, although she is still a bit too wobbly to sit up in it yet!

overseas grandma said...

Oh these are just delightful. I'm so pleased that Avery is becoming more and more involved in Brogan's care, he loves her so very much and must be delighted with her extra attention. Dual bath time - how time-saving and fun for you all.

Allison said...

these are great bath pics Jo!!! Bath time is a grand and celebrated event at our house too!