Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas (Soooo late, I know!!)

I know, I know, it's been a while since I posted. It's been really busy! But I'm going to try to catch up really quickly. So here goes.
December was a wonderful but extremely busy month! My mother arrived the day before Thanksgiving and stayed until the day after Christmas, which was exactly a month, but somehow managed to feel like about 2 weeks. It went so fast! I think it was because we had all sorts of projects we were working on for Christmas, and there's nothing like a time limit to make time fly!! But we had a wonderful time. Avery absolutely adores her, and it's so nice now that she's getting older and her memory is getting better! She misses her now that she's gone. Even this morning we had the same conversation we've been having almost every day since Grandma left- Avery: Where's Grandma? Me: Grandma went home. Avery: On the airplane? Me: Yes Avery: And we go see her fly away on the airplane at the porch. Me: Yes, we saw her fly away on the airplane at the airport. Avery: Yes! At the airport! Cute girl.

This was our most fun Christmas so far, because Avery is now old enough that she was excited for Christmas, and that made it so fun! Last year she still wasn't really too interested in opening many presents, and ripping the paper was actually a little hard for her because she kept on trying to fix the ripped bits, but this year she had a great time ripping her presents open! Presents!!!

At preschool the week before Christmas, Avery's class made Reindeer food for sprikling on the lawn on Christmas Eve, which I thought was a really cute idea! It was just oats, raisins and glitter. Avery really liked sprinkling it outside for the reindeer before she went to bed!

Avery got this princess set from her Uncle Sebastian and Aunt Jenna, and she loves it. She put it all on and picked up her wand and waved it about saying "I'm wandering!"

My mother and I made the coolest playhouse for Avery. I haven't taken a good picture of it, but I'll have to because it's so cute. It turns the dining room table into a playhouse! She loves it. She's not smiling here, but you can see that she's doing her excited arm-flapping ;D

Uncle Joe and Aunt Jess gave this to Avery when we went up to visit them the week before Christmas - they have one and Avery loves it, so they sent this one home with us and Avery's so happy to have one of her own! You wouldn't know it from her expression in this picture, but she really does love it! And it's great exercise for her because she has to climb up, pull her legs out and sit properly to go down the slide. It's great.

Christmas Day was actually a rather nice day, weather wise, so we went for a walk down to the river in the late afternoon. Avery loves throwing rocks in the river.

A pretty picture I took while everyone else was throwing rocks :) I would have joined in but I had Brogan strapped to my front, which made it sort of hard to get down and pick up rocks :D

See, here I am with Brogan strapped to me :) It looks really funny because I used on of Avery's coats and wrapped it around him backwards and snapped it in the back, but I thought that was a genius idea for keeping him warm while we were out - much easier than trying to keep a blanket on him :D And please note the adorable little reindeer feet on his sweet little Christmas outfit :)

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