Sunday, January 04, 2009


We went up to see Joe and Jess and their girls for a long weekend just before Christmas. My mother had never been to DC before, so we wanted to take her there, and we love spending time with them too, so it was a really fun weekend. We stayed from Saturday til Tuesday and had a blast. Avery loves playing with her cousins, and Claire especially loves her too, so I love to see them together, it's as sweet as can be!

Avery didn't mind being all bundled up while they were perusing the sites girl, it was so so cold that day.

Two Daddies and their girls by the Lincoln memorial. Can you tell it was FREEZING that day?? I actually didn't go. I was going to drive up there and meet them after Brogan's nap, but then it was so cold that staying in the nice warm house sounded like a much better idea. But I'm glad they got to go, and that my Mother got to see some of DC. Jess and I couldn't believe that they were outside the first time I called! We thought they would go straight to one of the museums, but apparently not :D

After spending far too much time outside on a cold day, they decided to go to the natural history museum, and Avery had a BLAST! Apparently her favourite was the elephant and she wanted to go back to see it over and over. I'm sure she hadn't realised how huge they were until then!!

Elephant again. She saw it from many angles :)

Here Gabe is holding the phone up so that Avery can tell me all about the animals. She was shouting "Giraffe Mummy! It's so tall!!" very excitedly. It was fun to listen to :)

Lion. Obviously.

Another giraffe!

Gabe and Avery, Joe and front of a big orangutan.

Gabe being a bear.... rrrrraaaarrrrr

Claire and Joe with some deer!

Avery likes animals :)

In the evening after everyone got back from DC, my mother and I went to the festival of lights at the Washington DC temple. It was beautiful! We saw a performance by an African American Chorus...I can't remember their name, but they were wonderful! You couldn't help but grin enormously while you watched and listened to them! And there was a room filled with nativity scenes from around the world, which was beautiful. Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera, so these photos are just from my phone. I wish I'd remembered my camera, because this first photo would have turned out beautifully - the little pond was frozen and the Christus statue and all the lights were reflected beautifully in the ice - it was lovely.

Maybe next year we'll be able to take Avery to see it. She would have loved the singing and all the lights, but it had already been a long day for her, so I left her at Joe and Jess's with Gabe so that he could put her to bed.

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