Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Feeling good!

I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. Is that bad?! hehe! It's just that I decided to really try out the etsy thing, so I've been making all sorts of things to sell on etsy, and I'm feeling capable. It's a good feeling! I keep on having ideas about things I want to make, and then I've been able to think about it and figure out how to make them, and that makes me feel good! My latest accomplishments are these 2 piece footie PJs, and matching ties for daddies and babies. Yay!

This is Avery wearing her new pajamas! I think they turned out great. I decided to make them because now that Avery's potty trained during the day we need to start working on the night, and for a child who can't stand properly on her own, one piece footie pajamas are a PAIN to get off, especially when you're in a rush for the potty. But footie pajamas are so nice for this cold weather because it keeps her feet warm without having to wear socks, so I decided the solution was 2 piece footie pajamas, but I looked and looked and couldn't find them anywhere for a child older than about 12 months, which seems silly. So I realised I would have to make them myself. So it took me a little while and lots of staring at her regular pajamas to work out how to make them, but here they are! And she loves them! I've not made any for etsy yet, but that's on my list of things to do.
I made these yesterday after pulling a part one of Gabe's old ties that he didn't want anymore. I love them. The part I'm most proud of is the attachment for the baby tie. I looked everywhere for those clips for clip on ties, but couldn't find them, and then decided that they probably wouldn't be ideal for a baby anyway, so I made up my own attachment, and I like it :) We're not keeping these particular ties because I made them specifically for etsy, but I'll definitely be making some more, and I'll get Gabe to pick out some fabric for ties for him and Brogan because I don't think he's particularly fond of the fabric I chose for these. I got him to put it on this morning so that I could take pictures for listing it though, and I love this picture. I know I'm biased, but that is one beautiful boy! Just like his Daddy :)
Okay, I've finished bragging now. :D


b marie said...

I HEART etsy and your 2 piece footie jammies! The ties are precious, makes me wish (only a little) we had a boy!

overseas grandma said...

I think I especially like the dark picture, it's very artistic with the glowing lights and that lovely profile.