Monday, January 19, 2009

Good, Better and Best

It was ward conference at church on Sunday, and one of the things that was mentioned a little bit in Sunday School was the fact that often times we're not having to choose between doing good or evil, but rather we're having to choose between good, better and the best things to do. This is something I'm sort of strugglin with I suppose right now, because I have so many things I'm trying to do, and they're all good things! I just don't have time to do them all, so I need to try and figure out what my priorities should be and do those things first. Things battling for position on my list of things to do are:
  • Catching up with both my blogs which have been sadly neglected of late...

  • Setting up my etsy shop (see sidebar), which means lots of sewing to stock it up because I feel that to really give it a chance to see whether I can make some money on etsy, I need to really go all in. So that's been taking up a lot of time
  • Working with Avery on her PT and OT stuff, and the rest of the time trying to make sure she's not w-sitting, and not watching too much tv
  • Normal "mother" stuff which takes up the majority of my time, of course
  • Personal goals of reading/studying scriptures every day
  • Trying to keep up with housework when mess seems to ooze out of the woodwork every time I turn my back.
  • Working out and losing this baby weight...this is the goal which is probably the most neglected...I don't even want to admit how few times I've used my eliptical machine since the beginning of the year!!!

Anyway, I'm just letting you know why I've been so bad about updating this blog recently. Excuses, I know, but good excuses! I just decided to try the etsy thing in earnest after Christmas after helping my mother set up her shop, and I'm donating a gift for a "virtual baby shower" next Wednesday, so I'm working like crazy to try and fill up my shop so that there's lots for people to see when I get my little moment of exposure. So I've been sewing sewing sewing, and I'm also planning on listing all my art there and deleting my art website because I think it will be easier and cheaper to keep etsy up to date rather than having to run my own website.

I'm sure you don't want to know any of that.

So anyway, rather than trying to go back to where I heartlessly abandoned my website, I'm going to start from here and try to work backwards if and when I have the time. So here's a little about what we did today!

We met some friends for a play date at the mall! They usually have the coolest little play area with soft padded animals the little ones can climb all over, and Avery LOVES it, but after getting all the little ones (Our two and our friend's 3 little ones) out of the cars and into strollers, and getting Avery to walk with her walker all the way from the van to the play area, we discovered that it was gone!!! Sometimes they take it down for Christmas displays and stuff, but I can't imagine why it would be gone right now, so I'm hoping they haven't decided to permanently remove it! There was a little area with some of the ride on toys that you put quarters in, so we decided to let the little ones play on those for a couple of minutes. But while we were there, the nicest lady handed my husband a handful of quarters saying that she didn't have any grandchildren of her own and she liked to see children being happy and having fun, so she basically funded an afernoon's worth of fun for our children! She was so sweet!

Here you can just see Brogan in his baby carrier (which I'm wearing but you can't see me!) on the left edge of the picture, and you can see our 3 children on 3 separate ride on toys having a great time! Avery's on the train in the front :) And in the background watching on is the lovely lady who funded the whole thing :D
Avery riding on the motorbike toy. She used to be a little afraid of these toys, but these days she loves them, and she was very sad when we made her leave this afternoon. I know, we're such mean parents....

This is Avery and Brogan all ready for bed tonight. It's funny because on Saturday I made Avery this new pair of PJs (because footie pajamas are great, but because of Avery's CP, the one-piece footie PJs are impossible to get off her quickly if she needs to use the potty, and for some reason you just can't buy two piece footie pajamas for anyone but babies, so I designed and made some, and will be making some for my etsy shop!), and last night was the first time she wore them, so I wanted to get a picture of her in them. So after I got her all ready for bed, I asked her to sit on her step stool so that I could take some pictures of her, so tonight after she got all ready for bed in the same pajamas, she crawled right over to the step stool saying "I need to smile on the step stool with Brogan, and Mummy need to go get the camera!" It was funny! So how could I say no to that?? I love my babies SO MUCH!!!


Sarah said...

Love the photo of Avery & Brogan cute!

Kristen said...

Your list sounds fabulous, and a lot of fun things to choose between.

Hamza Zakir said...

love the PJ's! they came out pretty neat!