Saturday, January 31, 2009

January catch up: Outings

The park is still a favourite pastime, and we've had a few slightly less cold days that we've been able to take advantage of :)
One afternoon we met up with our friend Ginny and her kids with the intent of taking the little ones to the play area at Valley view mall, only to discover it was not there! So we took them to this little area with ride-on toys in the middle of the mall. There was a lovely lady there who gave us about $5 of quarters because she didn't have any grandkids and she liked to see children being happy and having fun, so that was really sweet! You can see her sitting in the background of this photo. The children had a blast!!

One night we took Avery up to the star because she loves the star but has never seen it up close at night, and I wanted to take her up there before the evenings started getting too bright. She loved it!
You can't tell from this photo, but she was so excited to be there! She was trying twist round to see it, and telling me to look at it! It was soooo cold! Brogan and I went back and waited in the van, because it was too cold for him to be out even though he was wrapped up. When we left Avery was so sad and kept on saying she wanted to go back to see it again, and she cried, so we promised we'd take her back there sometime. After she calmed down she started talking about it and said "We saw the BIG Roanoke star! And we got in the van, and I was sad and I cried because I want to see it" Sweet girl.

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overseas grandma said...

Clever girl - walking with one crutch and the hand rail! She's doing SO well and each new skill she learns is another step towards independence for her which is so wonderful. That picture is very touching because I so recognise Gabe's pose there, he is so watchful and mindful of his little girl and so determined to help her stretch herself.
That sweet lady at the play area, she looks so sweet and kind. Avery looks more and more grown up each time I see her. I LOVE having new photos to look at, I love my little American family.