Sunday, November 30, 2008

November - Decorating the Christmas tree

We decorated our tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I was really fun to have Avery be so excited by the whole Christmas thing this year. She loved the tree, and she loved being able to help decorate it! Also, note how well she is sitting :) We've been working really hard on eliminating w-sitting, and she's getting much better at sitting criss cross. Her posture in that position is getting better :)

Pretty girl, pretty tree :)

Taking the star to the tree...

Putting on the star together :) Avery loved that, and every time she looked at the tree for the whole time it was up she would get excited and tell me how she put the star on top of the tree :)

Kisses for Grandma :)

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overseas grandma said...

I think I especially like the dark picture, it's very artistic with the glowing lights and that lovely profile.