Monday, February 16, 2009

Avery's birthday

Well, I am now the proud mother of a 3 year old!! We had the best day, Avery was so happy! I love her so much :) There are pictures on my other blog here.
During the past week or so I've obviously been reflecting a lot on Avery's birth and early days. She is such a miracle. I feel so incredibly blessed and privileged to have her in my life. I think that is something nobody but a parent of a special needs child can understand - the joy they bring. The rest of the world seems to assume that it's only hardship to care for a child with extra needs, but what they can't really know is that the joy they bring is a kind of joy that no other child could bring. No doubt about it, I love my son just as much as I love my daughter, but there's something about the fact that Avery's life itself is a miracle that just...I don't know, I don't have the words for how I feel. She is just so amazing. I am so unspeakably grateful to my Heavenly Father for trusting me enough to send her to me, and for loving me enough to bless my life with hers.


Sarah said...

Just looked at the photos on your family blog and she looks like she thoroughtly enjoyed her 3rd Birthday!

She has grown so much!

Stephanie said...

Avery sure is lucky to have to as a mommy! Reading this post was truly touching! They grow up so fast! Hope Avery had a wonderful Birthday! Looks like she did!

Hamza Zakir said...

i know wht u mean by the joy they give u!.....its remarkable....happy birthday to Avery....and i hope she gets many more!

Kristen said...

I completely understand and share your feelings. What a joy Avery is and what special mom you are to treasure her life like you do.

Happy 3rd birthday Avery!

Kristen said...

Cayman did not have too hard of a time cutting her first tooth, or this second one that's coming. She is a little fussy. She is always so happy that her fussy times only last but a few minutes. However, she is very congested and I do believe that is from the teeth.

Lisa said...

I COMPLETELY understand this post. My Elisabeth brings a joy that no words could describe....yet others see her as a hardship to our family. They've got it all wrong. I look at her and wonder what I did right to deserve her.

Your daughter is beautiful, happy birthday to her :)