Sunday, February 15, 2009

Avery is 3!!

Yesterday was Avery's third birthday!! Time is flying by so fast!! Avery's been looking forward to her birthday for weeks because we decided to have her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, and she's just been so excited! Her school had a fund raising event at chuck e cheese over a month ago, and she's been talking about it ever since, so we just had to have her birthday party there!!
Avery's friends Kayla and Sam came to her party, and of course Brogan :) And yes, that's Brogan trying to pull the tablecloth was colourful and crinkly, how can you blame him??

Avery being "so much 'cited!!" (so excited!) The place was absolutely packed, so the little ones didn't really get to go and play too much, but luckily they all seemed to be quite content just playing with their tokens and cups! Sweet things :)
Kayla enjoying her pizza :)

Probably Avery's favourite part of the party - when Chuck E Cheese himself came out to sing the birthday song!! She was so excited!! "It's Chuck E Cheese!! And he's a BIG boy!! I need to give him a squeeze!!" I know you can't see much of her face here, but what you can see is just adorable because she looks so happy, and she was! Who'd have thought that a large, silly looking rodent could inspire so much happiness?!
So happy!! Can't you just feel the happiness rolling of her in waves??!
Avery after blowing out her candles. Yes, I made that cake, and it was DELICIOUS!! So were the carrot cupcakes I made - it might sound like bragging, but I think it was quite possibly the best carrot cake I've ever tasted! Mmmmm! Avery won't touch the carrot cake unfortunately, even though it's Daddy's favourite. She says she doesn't like it, but she hasn't even tried it!! How do children learn to dislike vegetables??
She loved the chocolate cake though! She was a happy girl eating this big slice of birthday cake, and almost ate the whole piece! Halfway through though she suddenly looked up and, realising that she couldn't see Chuck E Cheese anymore, said "I need to give him a squeeze goodbye!!" in the saddest little voice you've ever heard! I saw him disappearing round the corner to go get changed, so I grabbed her and ran to try to catch him, but he was gone! But a waitress was just coming out of the kitchen, so I told her that Avery really wanted to say goodbye to him, so she went down to the changing room, and a couple of minutes later out came Chuck E!! Avery squealed with delight when she saw him shouting "I need to give you a hug and squeeze goodbye!!!!" So he came back and gave her a hug and tickled her, and she laughed and laughed and then said she needed to give him a kiss, which she did, and tried to make me kiss him too, but I declined, and then she said goodbye. She is so crazy sweet!
Then we opened presents!! This was her lovely card from Grandma, which she loved because of the giraffe! I told her to show it to the camera, so she stuck it right in front of her face, and wasn't happy about me lifting up her arms so that we could see her in the photo too!
Her present from Grandma - a union jack bear! She said he was so sweet! Here she is doing her excited face with her bear! :)
Hugging Kayla who had to leave.
Birthday card from Great Granny!
Goodbye hug from Sam! They'd just hugged each other very sweetly, but I'd missed it, so I asked them to do it again so I could take a picture, but Avery said no! Sam, being the sweet little boy he is, still hugged her though :)

It was a very fun little party, and she had an absolute blast! Her whole day was quite great actually! In the morning she went to the swimming pool with Daddy, and then we all went out for a bike ride with Avery and Brogan in the new bike trailer Daddy got for her birthday! We took some pictures of that, but they're on the disposible camera I bought for Gabe's trip to Utah, so I can't post any yet, sorry! I'll do it when we get the film developed! (how old fashioned!! :D) She loved riding in it with Brogan though, and Brogan seemed to be quite happy in there too! We went down to the river and fed bread to a couple of ducks, and then played in the park for a little while. All in all, I think Avery had a pretty heavenly day, so it was fun for us all!

I can't believe my beautiful baby girl is already 3 years old! She is the sweetest, most beautiful, loving and clever little girl, and her whole life is a joyful miracle. *sigh* I was telling Gabe a couple of week ago how sometimes when I look at her my heart actually aches from how much I love her.


overseas grandma said...

How utterly gorgeous - what an exciting day for her with Chuckee Cheese and everyhting! I'm very happy that she liked her card and Jack the Bear. Thank you so much for these delightful pictures, what a pretty girl she is and so grown up now. Lovely talking to her too this weekend. What a busy birthday she had - she must have slept like a rock when she finally got home. Can you imagine her chattering away at school this morning, trying to tell everyone all about it?
The cake looks SO professional - is there no end to your talents Josephine?
Brogan continues to be the prettiest little boy on earth - ever!
I do know that heart-ache feeling - very well - from having my own children and having to leave Avery - she is such a cute girl, so clever and quaint. I love seeing the world through her eyes and the beautiful things she says as she tries to make sense of it all.
Josephine - one of the few compensations of having to dress up as a rodent is probably the 'Mommy' kisses - spoil sport!
Love you.

Anonymous said...

Looks like she had a lovely 3rd Birthday! The cake looks sooo good!

TonyF said...

So lovely to see and almost experience and feel the excitement of the event.

I'm glad for you all that it was a grest day of happy memory making