Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gabe's new toy!

Okay, so technically we didn't buy it for toy purposes, but still...! We decided it would be more economical for Gabe to have a motorbike because we really only ever use the Altima for getting Gabe to work, etc...any time we go out together we always take the minivan since that's where the car seats are, so our second vehicle really doesn't need to have 4 wheels and backseats! So here is Gabe's new bike:

Ta da!! Pretty cool, hey?

Avery likes it too! For the first couple of days, it was sitting on the street so she saw it every time we went outside, and wanted to sit on it every time she saw it....luckily it is now in the garage! Here she is reaching the handles! And yes, I was still in my pajamas, and yes, I did feel pretty rotten with a cold that day...why do you ask?? I hope you're not trying to suggest I don't look stunning!
She was concerned because it wasn't "turning on" when she pushed buttons (Oh no, it's not needs new it!)...but this is what happened when Daddy started the engine while she was sitting on it.....
You should have seen her face two seconds before I took this photo! She was so sad! It was a little too loud and scary for her to be that close to it I think!
I think she'll stick to this one for now :) This is her "little tricycle", and the motorbike is apparently "Daddy's biiig new tricycle" Somehow that sounds a lot less manly...!

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Coop said...

bikes are the way to go for the work commute, maybe not trainers though ...