Saturday, February 28, 2009


Recently Brogan's been wearing a few of the same pajamas and outfits Avery wore when she was a baby. It's been fun looking back at pictures of Avery when she was wearing them! What cute babies I have! I love them! It's amazing to see some of these photos of Avery that I haven't looked at for a long time, because I can really see how much she's changed :) It's also funny to see because Avery was always tall for her age, but Brogan is even taller! All three of the outfits below are supposed to be 12 month clothes :)
Avery in her Winnie-the-pooh outfit from Grandpa and Melodee Andersen - 10 months old.
Brogan in the same outfit - 6 months old
Avery - 12 months old
Brogan - 6 months old
Avery - 10 months old
Brogan - 6 months old

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