Saturday, January 31, 2009

January catch up: Living life with this much excitement is exhausting!

All wrapped up and ready to out for a run in the stroller with Daddy, who was trying to get in shape for his snowboarding trip out to Utah at the end of January!

Avery is showing me her very best excited face! It involves finger twiddling :)

It's tiring work sitting in the stroller for a long run :)

This was a different day - another exhausting afternoon out! She started out on the couch and ended up here on the floor :) Luckily there were cushions (Or "oceans" as Avery likes to call them!) next to the sofa, so she rolled right off and didn't wake up :)

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overseas grandma said...

I'd never noticed how alike the two words are (oceans and cushions) in sound if not concept. This is TRUE exhaustion and how perfect - she is blessed in both her parents.