Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our evening

I have a cold. It's not pleasant. But we were still able to have quite a nice evening at home, and I was in the mood for taking lots of pictures, so here you have it!

After Avery and Brogan had their bath, I put them both on our bed while I dried Avery's hair. Then I was going to put on her clothes, but all she let me put on were her socks and then she decided it would be more fun to run away and hide from me under the blanket :)
Brogan was lying on my pillow watching her and playing with a rattle. SHe makes him laugh, it's cute :)
Sometimes Avery likes to stand on the couch while watching TV. I wonder whether I would be okay with it if I wasn't so thrilled to have her voluntarily standing up...! Here she is watching Enchanted and dancing to the music.
Brogan is a very steady little sitter now - he sat there like this for probably half an hour this evening, and the only reason he stopped was because it was time for bed so I picked him up and took him upstairs!
I think he's quite proud of himself :) I still think he might just launch himself backwards, so I felt better putting the body pillow behind him, but he apparently didn't need it there at all!

My beautiful children, bathed, fed and ready for bed! And they're both sitting so well! I didn't even have to tell Avery not to w-sit this time! (she's side-sitting)
When Avery and I came into the bedroom after brushing her teeth, Brogan was playing with that doll she's holding in the picture (Sarah), and she went over and took it away from him, so I thought she was just jealous because he was playing with her toy, and I told her it was okay to share with him, but she actually took it because she wanted to put it in his bed for him! Sweet girl! The other night when I was putting them to bed, Brogan was crying a little bit, so she made me put her favourite puppy and bunny (both of which always sleep with her) in his bed to make him feel better.

Here I had asked her to put her arms around him, so she did, and she's telling me that she's going to do it with both hands...
...which she then did. How sweet is this??
She had her new bear (Jack!) in bed with her, and the whole time I was feeding Brogan she kept on whispering to me Mummy, say goodnight to the bear... Kiss Jack goodnight... blow him a goodnight kiss! Mommy, Jack needs to do his jumps...count for him....1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Yay! Good job!! ....Jack is hungry too, I need to feed him...there....he needs to burp (pat pat pat)....good job bear! Mummy....Jack is sitting....he needs to lie down....he needs a blanket...he is sooooo tired!

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overseas grandma said...

What a perfect way to while an evening. Being reminded that you have the two most beautiful children in the world must be a cure for a rotten cold. They really don't look much like brother and sister do they? Avery's eyes are not only brown compared to Brogan's blue but they are a totally different shape too.
It is wonderful to hear that they are interacting so beautifully and this is one of the things that just gets better and better, the first time you hear your children chattering together is lovely.
What an amazing big sister Avery is, Brogan is so blessed to have her, you never can know how an older sibling is going to feel about sharing but she is managing it beautifully.
I am very happy that she loves Jack her new bear and very pleased to see that he is in the privileged position of being a bedtime bear. She is too cute and it is good to know that Jack is being so very well cared for.
I can't think of a better thing to find waiting for me when I turn on my computer than all these pictures of my amazing grandchildren.
Thank you thank you thank you.