Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some outside time

This week we've been able to enjoy a little bit of slightly warmer weather! Warm enough to play outside a little!
This was the first day this week playing out on the lawn. Brogan liked watching Avery :)
Avery loves this slide (thank you Jess and Joe!), and it's great exercise for her because of how far she has to separate her legs to climb up, and how she has to get herself sitting properly to go down the slide. She's pretty good at doing it all by herself now! Notice the jeans she's wearing here, because I want you to know that I dress her in decent outfits....
...not like this. The ground was damp in places, so the knees of her jeans got a little muddy when she was crawling around, and if there's anyone who can't stand being dirty, it's Avery. "Oh no, clean it!!! I need new pants!!" So I ran inside to get her some shorts, not thinking about what shirt she was wearing, which is how she ended up with this lovely flowered shirt, cardigan, flowered shorts ensemble. Stunning. Gabe said "See, I'm not the only one who dresses her in horrible outfits!" But at least I don't do it when we're going to church! Or anywhere beyond our front yard, for that matter!
After all her hard work climbing and crawling about, Avery needed a break, and sat here enjoying the last of a loaf of delicious banana bread! She probably ate half of that loaf - she loved it!
After Brogan woke up from his nap, he came out and joined in the fun too. He was fascinated with the spinning flower pinwheel. Not sure whether he liked it or not since all he did was stare at it very seriously whenever it was spinning, but he was definitely fascinated!!

He seemed to like it a little bit more when I sat him close enough to touch it - then he smiled at it and grabbed it :)

So after two afternoons of weather warm enough for playing outside, this is what I saw when I looked outside this evening - SNOW! Crazy! And what's sad is that I think this is the most snow I've seen all winter, and it will probably be all gone when I wake up in the morning. *sigh* so sad!

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