Friday, March 06, 2009

Flashback Friday: First post-shunt MRI

Okay, so when I pulled out the old MRI films to scan one for my post this afternoon, I decided I may as well scan some more of them! So here they are - more evidence of the fact that my baby is an absolute miracle!! :)
Maybe this is weird, but I actually think this one with all the bones in her little neck, and her little shoulder peeking out is adorable!! I know, I know, how can an MRI image be adorable...but I'm her mother okay?! I'm allowed to think that!
You can tell this is taken from the front because the distortion is from her shunt, which is behind her right ear :)
Cutest little baby alien I ever did see!


Sarah said...

As I posted in your last entry, the difference is absolutely amazing!

Carla said...

Avery has a beautiful brain! I hope my son's brain expands as much! Thank you for posting the pics of her mri's, I love to see how much kids improve after a shunt:)