Monday, March 02, 2009

Josephine says that it is time that I add some to our family blog. I was just waiting for a real life event such as a snowboard trip to Utah to have a reason to contribute...HAHA. She actually suggested I post a little info about my vacation which probably doesn't deserve to be on the family blog because there wasn't anything family about it. It was however an amazing trip which only consisted of playing from 8am till 1am every day for a week. I went snowboarding for three of those days and partied with friends and family for the other four days. The only unpleasant mishaps were I crashed rather severely on Saturday while attempting a tabletop (look it up) in the board-park and realizing at 1:30am the morning I was to fly out that my plane was departing at 7:30 not 10:30. Other than that hot-tubbing, eating-out (with my friends picking up the tab because it was my "birthday"), boarding, snowcat skiing, rock banding, shopping, movie-going and reliving the past was all a 'Neverland Boy' could have ever asked for. So thanks Jo for letting me go and be a child.

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