Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March: Sleeping and Waking

As I mentioned before, we had a few sicknesses in our home in March! Avery had a cold/stomach virus for about a week, and spent pretty much the whole time sleeping downstairs in the TV room on a nice bed made of a queen size memory foam pad folded in half - quite comfortable actually! Here she is taking a nap - even in her sleep she looked quite sorry for herself!
Brogan got this cute little raggedy bear from his Uncle Sebastian and Aunt Jenna when he was born, and I've been putting it in bed with him. Its been rather cute because I hear him just talking away happily when he wakes up from his naps, and when I go up to get him, he's holding this bear and chatting to it! Here he heard me just before I took the picture so he dropped the bear (on his face!) and twisted round to see me :)
I keep on being reminded that Heavenly Father is just waiting to bless us the minute we make the tiniest effort! This is an example of that. We hadn't been having family home evening for...I don't know how long, and would be ashamed to admit even if I did know!! So we decided that an easy way to start back up with FHE would be to just "learn" an Article of Faith every week! So I just wrote out the first article of faith on a nice big piece of paper, and we had a very simple family home evening! Avery saw the paper when we sat down for dinner and said "I want to do that!!", which was funny, and so we did it, and I was amazed at how well she recited it, and she just wanted to do it over and over! The amazing thing was that even though that was all we did, that night when it was time for bed she said "I want to read my scriptures!!" and insisted on having her very own scriptures in bed with her. Bed time with her had been just a little bit of a struggle for a few night preceding this - I'd been having to go upstairs one or two times before she would settle down - but that night She insisted on having her scriptures, and asked me to read it to her, and after I'd read just a couple of verses to her, she said goodnight, gave me a hug and a kiss, and went to sleep without any fuss at all!! It was amazing! And it was like that every night for about a week! (Unfortunately, we haven't had another FHE yet since then....but we will!!!!) Every night when I went in to feed Brogan at about 10:30 or 11pm, this is how I found Avery sleeping. Adorable.
Brogan is just the sweetest, happiest little boy!

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overseas grandma said...

The picture of Avery should be sent to The Ensign and, most certainly, to President Eyring. He once gave a wonderful talk about the effects of the scriptures even upon the very young, he would find this picture so heart-warming. Please do it.
Please, also, put at least some of these pictures on the family site, they are too, too wonderful. What a gorgeous little boy Brogan is, so handsome and so very lovely with his eye-bright smiles.