Monday, March 09, 2009

Sick Day

Last night was not a good night for Avery and I. I'd been having some sort of lower abdomen pains since Friday night, so was hoping for a good night's rest, but then Avery got sick with some stomach thing, and the two of us ended sleeping downstairs in the TV room. She was very sad, and she threw up a couple of times. She didn't throw up anymore today, but was feeling sick all day and had a temperature, so she spent most of the day lying on her little makeshift bed in the tv room watching some of her favourite movies. So I'm still having abdominal pains, Brogan's still getting over a cold, and Avery has some sort of stomach bug. We were a pretty sorry bunch in our house today!
I wish I looked this pretty when I was sick :D
I trimmed Brogan's hair today - I decided his little long patches on the sides of his head were funny looking, so I just buzzed them! This is before....
...and this is after. I think it looks better :) He was very curious about the buzzing thing I was putting next to his head and kept on trying to look at it :)
Even on sick days my babies are adorable!

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