Monday, March 16, 2009

Sick sick sick!!

The good news is that Avery is pretty much better now. Finally! She went back to preschool today, and was very happy, although she was EXHAUSTED when she got home! Brogan and I have it now though, Brogan got it on Wednesday, and I got it on Saturday, although it doesn't seem to be affecting my stomach too much, which is a wonderful thing! A little bit of nausea, but that's it, mostly I just have it in my head and ears and know, that lovely sinus pressure headache that never goes away and the blocked nose that will not un-block no matter how much you blow....ah, lovely.
Oh well. This too shall pass :) haha
Avery was supposed to have an appointment with her ophthalmologist (I can only spell it with the help of spell check :D) last week, but because she was so sick I had to reschedule it. That's okay though, because I'm sure it would have been another appointment of "Well, it still hasn't plateaued, so lets just keep on patching 2 to 3 hours every day, and I'll see you back in 3 months." Not that that gets old or anything... I really like her ophthalmologist, but Roanoke really needs to get themselves another pediatric eye doctor (I'm not going to type that word any more today!!!) because the waiting time at his office is always ridiculous. I always try to get the earliest appointment time possible, and I still have to wait. Last time Avery's appointment was at 9:30am, which is still quite early in the morning, but they were already running about 45 minutes late! So we sat in the waiting room for 45 minutes, and then it was another 20 minute wait in the exam room. Sort of ridiculous. But the only time we've taken her for a second opinion for her eyes, we had to drive all the way to Charlottesville which is two hours from here.


Sweetest Girl in the World said...

Waiting in a waiting room is understandable... sometimes but when you get into the exam room that should be a good indication that the doctor is on his way to see you! I can't stand it when doctors offices push you from room to room!

Hopefully you'll get in a little sooner at the next appointment.

I'm happy she's feeling better, but sorry to hear you and Brogan both caught it.

Feel better!

Sarah said...

Yes Opthamologist appts, don't get me started! I am yet to have a short wait.

Sorry to hear you and Brogan are unwell :-(