Friday, April 03, 2009

Big achievement

Okay, so maybe I haven't decided for sure about whether to continue this blog or not...I keep changing my mind...maybe it will be a gradual thing....! I just had to share something Avery did yesterday.
So Avery started hippotherapy again yesterday. It was supposed to start last week but it got canceled because of the cold wind and rain. Yesterday it was just raining, and they have a covered area, so we were still able to go! Avery was so excited! Anyway, Lisa is "testing" all her kids throughout the course of the 10 weeks of hippotherapy so that she can show that it really does help, and what she decided to do with Avery was to test her before and after each session to see how long she could stand up unassisted. So that's what we did when we first got there yesterday. Avery stood up on the mat, and Lisa sat behind her and handed her the pieces for this puzzle which I was holding in front of her.
Of course, we were expecting her to stand up for maybe a minute before she lost her balance. Her record up til then was almost 2 minutes, and that had only happened maybe 2 or 3 times. So Lisa started the stop watch and started handing Avery the puzzle pieces, and I held the puzzle and made sure she wasn't holding onto the puzzle for support. A minute came and went, and she was still standing very steadily. She finished the puzzle. She took out all the pieces one at a time and gave them back to Lisa. She finished the puzzle again. She started taking the pieces out again, and finally lost her balance and fell backwards onto Lisa's lap after
6 minutes 14 seconds!!!!

It was amazing!

So of course we thought that would completely throw off Lisa's testing, because she'd never even come close to standing alone for that long before, so she wouldn't be able to stand for nearly that long after hippotherapy! But we were wrong! After 30 minutes of riding the horse, we went back to the mat and the puzzle, and this time, Avery stood for...

7 minutes 4 seconds

In case you weren't certain before, my daughter is absolutely amazing.

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Sarah said...

I knew she was amazing!

I would love you to keep this blog aswell, and it has such a great name...hydrobabe!