Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Conversation over breakfast

Here is a conversation Avery I and had over breakfast this morning:

Avery: Mommy, what are you drinking?
Me: I'm drinking milk.
Avery: Oh! Milk comes from cows?
Me: Yes!
Avery: That milk is from cows?
Me: Yep.
Avery: Hey! I didn't know we had cows!!


Kristen said...


overseas grandma said...

She's Calvin without the tiger and the 'evil' side. I love the way her mind works - she's a source of constant joy to me.

Sarah said...

HAHA! It reminds me of a friend. His cousin Hannah lives in Canada and many years ago, when Hannah was about 4 years old, her Swedish grandmother came to visit.
Grandma: *says something in Swedish to Hannah*
Hannah: *replies in Swedish*
Hannah's mom: "What did grandma say to you?"
Hannah: "How should I know? It's Swedish!!!"

Pam said...

That made me laugh! Bless her. Avery is so cute.