Friday, April 24, 2009

Helicopters, Kite Festival and The Star

Saturday was a fun day for us here in the Andersen household! Carilion Patient Transport (where Gabe works) is retiring one of their helicopters, so they were having an open house type thing to say goodbye to it :) Avery loves going to Daddy's work - she loves the ambulances and helicopters! She is so funny with it though, because while she absolutely adores them, she's terrified of them when they're actually doing anything! When we arrived neither of the helicopters were there, but they both landed within about 15 minutes of our arrival. For the first one she sat on my lap in the van, and loved it, although she got a little worried when the van started moving as the helicopter flew over the top of us. For the second one, we were outside next to the building, and Gabe was holding her, and as the helicopter approached she got very frightened, so Gabe ran inside with her really fast! Poor girl! Brogan sat in the van the whole time and didn't seem to care about what was going on :) He was ready for his nap.
Avery and her Daddy and some ambulances! So exciting! She loved seeing the ambulances, and was excited to see the helicopters too, although she wasn't quite brave enough to actually touch them when we were allowed to go get close to them! She prefers admiring from a distance...!

Immediately after the helicopters we headed over to Salem for the annual kite festival. We've been once before when Avery was a baby, but this year of course was so much more fun because Avery was so excited! She did so much walking! It's amazing how well she does in the grass with her walker! She walked almost the entire time we were there, and she only stopped walking when we asked her to sit in the stroller so that we could finish walking around faster. She loved it though! We met up with our friends the Symes, and we just had a blast!

Avery loved this valleydale pig! Bridget, I thought of you!

Avery loves to dance :)

After the festival we went to Five Guys with the Symes and had a yummy lunch. Avery had obviously worked up an appetite - she ate almost all of her burger and a lot of fries!
Brogan just played with my keys and didn't eat anything. Brogan doesn't like food. It's funny because Avery was always such a skinny little baby, but she started eating solid food at about 4 months and loved it. By the time she was Brogan's age, she was even picking up her spoon and putting it in her mouth by herself. (She stopped doing that for a long time at about 12 months though...suddenly decided she wanted us to give her her food...!) She was holding her own bottle by about 5 or 6 months. Brogan, on the other hand, is my little solid brick of a baby, and yet he only ever eats anything because I insist on it, he won't pick up his spoon, and he's also decided he doesn't want to have anything to do with a bottle anymore, let alone hold one himself!

After lunch we got ice cream on the way home :) Avery was a happy girl!

On Thursday morning the weather was so nice that we decided to hike up to the Star. Avery still talks about the last time we did it, and that was back in November! So she was very excited to go! She loves sitting in Daddy's backpack :) We're thinking that we'll have to get another one of those, because Brogan's too big for the front carrier now - my shoulder's were so sore by the time we got back to the van! He really liked it though.

Avery loves her Daddy so much. She's going through a phase right now where every time she hurts herself or gets upset, she says "I want Daddy!!" I feel bad for her when she asks for him when he's at work :(

Being carried everywhere is obviously exhausting work!!


TonyF said...

These photos are so lovely. I can't believe how grown up Brogan is - He is adorable.
And Avery's dancing is just so cute :)

TonyF said...

This is Talitha, I just can't seem to log on as myself!

overseas grandma said...

I remember going to the balloon day - what fun and, as you say, Avery is old enough to properly appreciate it now. Her dancing is amazing and such good exercise too (I would have liked to see more moves from her Daddy!) Thank you, thank you as ever, it is so wonderful to be involved in your life in this way.
PS Brogan might only accept a bottle if you go away Josephine - perhaps you and Avery should come here for a month ;D (but then I'd want to see Brogan and Gabe too.)