Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jo the horse

Just thought I'd share some pictures from hippotherapy today. Avery got to ride Jo today, instead of Rosie, and she just had a great time!
In this picture Avery is holding a sparkly ball up while they sing the ABC song. She says "oh! This is heavy work!" It's a pretty fun ball though - it's filled with liquid and sparkles that move when you shke it - I might have to get one for her :)
Playing catch. She was quite impressive actually! She threw it really well, and caught it almost every time even while the horse was walking! Nice!
Kneeling on all fours. Not sure exactly why this is good, but I'm sure it is :) It probably takes some effort to keep herself steady while the horse is walking, so that's a good thing :)Kneeling up. Again, great for trunk strength and balance.
I love this picture. For a couple of reasons. Firstly, you can see from the way Avery's looking at Lisa how much she trusts and loves her - she's been seeing her every week since she was just a little baby, and she's wonderful. Secondly, look at that posture!! She's sitting up so straight! Hippotherapy is great!
Side sitting.
Brogan looked up whenever the horse was close, but the rest of the time was more interested in the toys and rocks.
Facing the tail! Great stretch.
Poor Brogan has a cold. He fell asleep on the way home. He is such a sweet boy. I know second babies are generally easier and everything, but he really is such a good boy. He gets dragged all over the place to all Avery's stuff, and he just takes it all in stride.
And he's just so cute :)


Kristen said...

Hippotherapy looks so interesting!! I like it!!!

overseas grandma said...

Darling - these are utterly delightful. The "Oh this is heavy work." just melts my heart. I too love the one with Lisa - she is the most marvellous of people and a great blessing in your little girl's life. You must tell Gabe - he is going to have to earn enough to provide Avery with a horse - with this early start it would be a complete waste if she didn't represent one country or the other in the Olympics. Please put some pictures on the family site along with the one of her asleep with her Book of Mormon. Brogan is soooo so fantastic, he will grow up to be such a patient, compassionate and understanding little boy (and man) how blessed you are to be allowed to have such an easy and healthy baby and he is ridiculously gorgeous too.

KajnBlonde said...

Brogan is ssssoooo beautiful! You can tell from the pictures that he is a happy baby too!