Friday, May 01, 2009

Phone call from Dr Brown

At Avery's appointment with Dr Brown a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to him the fact that she's been getting bruises on the bottom of her back for...I don't know, a while. They're always there - the new ones appear to replace the ones that are just starting to fade. I don't know what they are. Anyway, it just so happened that the day we were there was the first day in a long time that there was only the faint shadow of a bruise, which is typical - as soon as you go to a doctor about something it goes away!
Anyway, this morning he called me out of the blue and said "Laura and I were just talking about Avery, and we want to get a lumbar MRI done, because with Avery's gait getting worse and the bruises, etc, we just want to rule out any spina bifida activity." Weird. And unexpected. Nice that he doesn't just forget about her the minute she leaves his office though, don't you think?
Once again my ignorance is becoming apparent! I've been doing a little research since I spoke to Dr Brown, and contrary to what I have always thought, there are many different kinds and degrees of spina bifida, and even people walking around living their lives with no idea that that they have spina bifida! So I do not feel overwhelmed or discouraged, because regardless of whether Avery has it or not, she is still the same sweet little girl, and her physical challenges and triumphs won't change with a new diagnosis.
Saying that, Dr Brown says that he thinks it's unlikely that she does have it, he just wants to make sure. Now that I've thought about it a little bit, I wouldn't be completely and utterly shocked if there was something going. A little bit yes, but not completely. She doesn't have any bladder problems, but she does suffer with constipation a lot which has been getting worse as she's been getting older. She also has a deep dent just above her bottom, which just sort of makes it look like her butt crack is longer than it actually is, if you can picture that! I've not really thought too much about it before though, because I have it too, but apparently when my mother was pregnant with me they thought I might end up having spina bifida, which is interesting to think about now.
Anyway! That's what's going on! So we need to schedule an MRI of her spine, and we'll see what happens from there!
In addition to that,
  • Brogan's first tooth broke through this morning
  • Avery took 5 independent steps at physical therapy today!!!
Life is good!


Syme Family News said...

The steps are fantastic. When is the MRI going to be done. If you need help with Brogan let me know.

overseas grandma said...

We shall need a picture of that tooth! And millions of congratulations for Avery's independent steps. She is of a very independent turn of mind so it would be so nice if her body could follow suit.
You are, as always, being brave and optimistic about this possible new development. It's strange isn't it, rather than being upset about a new diagnosis it is often helpful to be able to put a name to whatever is going on. So - the MRI will be interesting for her, I know you will both prepare her for it completely and I'm sure she'll be as brave about that as she is about everything else she has to go through. You had an MRI when you were little, Josephine, and you were amazingly brave even 'though they had to call me in to talk to you whilst they tried, for the too-many-th time to inject you - still not a murmur of complaint. You always were a brave little soldier.
All my love to that amazing little family.

Lisa said...

Guess what! Elisabeth is having a lumbar MRI done this Friday too! She has a deep hole at the top of her little bum crack that has been leaking TONS of fluid.

I love what you said about the results of the MRI not changing a thing. Because really, our little girls will be the same beautiful little girls that they were before.

Thanks for this post. It's always comforting to konw that I am not alone in the medical issues that I face with Elisabeth. I hope that Avery's MRI goes well :)

Hazel said...

I love your positive attitude about life & your children, truly inspirational! How exciting that Brogan has his first tooth!

Though far away Isabelle & I think about our overseas family lots...



Gloria said...

Here's hoping for the best. I just want to say how much I admire you as a caring, persevering and loving in a situation that could just overwhelm someone not as strong. My brother was told if his dip in his spine were any deeper that he would have been a spina bifida baby, and that if he ever received a big blow to his spine there, he would be paralized. However, I faintly remember seeing bruises like that in some of my babies, so hopefully it is just from activity and not something else. Richard's daughter Lauren has had a real battle with constipation and went on antibiotics which seemed like forever because the constipation caused bladder infections. Those little mini blenders, the ones like the magic bullet but cheaper, are great to blend fruit and yoghurt and even prune juice in because noone knows it is there. It just tastes like a smoothie especially with frozen or not bananas and frozen blueberries. I got my little blender for $16.50 on sale at Shopko and Penney's puts them on sale for about twenty. It is their Cook's brand. You can even put ground flaxseed in the drinks, and that is a good fiber. Just a tip. Love to you all. g

Pam said...

That little well at the top of Avery's bottom can mean something else which is nothing to do with Spina Bifida. Something good, which I've forgotten. I think I have it and some of my children!! I hope the results are negative. Avery seems to be doing very well. 5 steps,That's amazing. .
Love Granny
Keep smiling