Saturday, May 09, 2009

Leaps and Bounds!

Well, Avery has been making some excellent progress recently!! On Thursday at hippotherapy she took SEVEN steps!! All by herself!! Without her braces on!!! Apparently, she took 2 steps, stopped to balance herself, took 3 more steps, stopped again to balance, and then took two more steps and fell down!! What was her motivation? She wanted to walk "like Daddy"!
This is HUGE!!
We are so proud of her!!
Lisa thinks that the pool is helping her confidence a lot, because she's been able to experience walking around a little bit with only the water to help her stand.
This is a video from today. Gabe set up this little area in the front room and used this tigger toy as motivation - she had to walk over to give him a hug. And yes, she falls over at the end, but just watch how much control she has while she takes those steps!!

PS, I just watched the videos from this morning with Gabe (He got a few videos - very cute, and very exciting!), and he says that he didn't get the best one on video - she took about 8 good steps apparently!!!! And when he was telling me about it he said, "I don't think she'd fall if there were spikes or a minefield or something" Hahaha!! So maybe we'll try that next....!!!!

Also, I just found this which some of you might be interested in! It's a post on Carilion's blog (I didn't know they had one) about their new partnership with Healing Strides of VA, and there's a video of Avery therapist Lisa talking about hippotherapy and why it's so great.


Lisa said...


Thank you so much for posting this! So wonderful! So inspirational!

Coop said...

Fantastic :D

Chris, Chrissy, & Landon said...

Wow! How cool is your video! I loved it! I can't believe she was doing that on her own. Congrats for the good news. Yeah, we really did have a good time seeing you guys too, even though it was only for a night. I'm so glad that I finally got to meet you, Gabe, and your family. You have such a beautiful family!