Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We're moving!

We were going to be moving into our new home on May 30th, but it turns out we don't have to wait that long anymore because they are putting on the new roof today, which means that we can do the necessary repairs and paint the walls tomorrow and Thursday, and the carpets are going in on Friday, which means that we can move in on Saturday! Hip hip hooray!! This is wonderful on so many levels :) There was a good chance that I would have lost my sanity if we had had to stay here any longer...that's all I'll say... ;)
So of course, I really don't have time to be blogging (as you may have gathered from the fact that I haven't been blogging...), but I just wanted to write a quick post to share the news!
I don't want to post all the before pictures before I have some after pictures, but here's a little taste of the stunning decor we will be destroying.

Hard to believe we want to get rid of these lovely wallpapers and paints, hey?! Hahaha!
Well, next time you hear from me I shall be blogging from our new home! Our home!
I'm so excited!


Kristen said...

I am so excited for you!! And Good luck with getting rid of all that wallpaper. That's what we are working on in our new home now. I hope it goes better for you than it is for us!

Annette said...

That's mighty quick painting! I wish I could do a whole house as quickly! Hope the move all goes well.