Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 5

We saw doctors today - woohoo! After such a horrible day yesterday feeling like we'd been put in a room and forgotten about, we saw about 5 different doctors this morning. Everybody has different opinions. Avery had quite a nice happy morning, although she still wouldn't eat anything, and then she slept for a couple of hours after her EEG. The two neurosurgeons showed up in the evening, and the neurology doctor happened to show up while they were there too, which was great! Avery wasn't feeling very good when they were there. Dr Frasier (neurosurgeon) was telling us again that he doesn't think it's a shunt problem, or at least that it was a shunt setting problem in addition to an unrelated fever. Obviously, we know that it's not a shunt blockage or bacterial infection of any kind. The shunt setting did spontaneously change sometime last week. It is now set at 1.5 (as of yesterday), although it has been at 1.0 since Avery was 6 months old. The fevers and headaches started at about the same time - we noticed the headaches first obviously. Dr Sisk (neurology) said that her sleeping EEG was completely normal, and her waking part had some mild abnormalities, which could be just because of the headaches or something. Sometime when we were talking to him, the neurosurgeons wandered off and didn't come back...! Dr Sisk spent a good long time with Avery looking over her and talking to us about her symptoms and EEG, etc, and he says that he thinks it may be just some sort of viral headache. While he was looking over her he asked me to go get a nurse to check her temperature because he though she felt like she might be about 101.5, so I got the nurse, and she checked and she was 101! hehe! That's years of experience right there :) He says that he would give it til the morning with motrin every 6 hours for the fever and pain, and if it doesn't consistently improve then he would start thinking about going up to UVa, which is something we've been contemplating for a couple of days now. After he'd finished looking at her, Dr Sisk went out and looked at all the lab work on the computer, and then ordered more blood work since the second blood test results looked questionable to him. All in all, he seemed to think that someone had been dropping the ball with Avery.
Anyway, Avery had a great evening - Gabe said that she was acting like Avery :) - so I'm hoping that Dr Sisk's diagnosis might be right! If she's still feeling good in the morning then I'm hoping that maybe she'll be able to come home tomorrow! Of course, if she gets worse again, then we may well be heading up to UVa at some point, but we're really hoping that's not necessary.
Good night!


Anonymous said...

I had been wondering why you hadn't posted lately to Avery's blog. I will now keep an eye on this blog more.

Sorry to hear about Avery being in hospital, really hope they get to the bottom of whats going on.


Annette said...

So sorry to read what's been going on Josephine. I do hope you have better news soon. Chin up lass!

Anonymous said...

How is everything going?

Hans said...

Thank you again for the update.