Thursday, June 11, 2009

First and last

This has been a big week for Avery! She's had her very first real sleepover, and she also had her last day of school!
On Monday our dear sweet friends Annie and Steve welcomed their newest little baby into the world, and we watched their two little ones for the night while they were in the hospital, so Avery got to have her very first proper sleepover!! I was probably even more excited than she was :) Kayla is 5 months older than Avery, and they have been friends since they were tiny babies, so it's been really fun to watch their friendship grow and change as they've grown. I love watching them now that they're old enough to have their own little conversations - it's too cute! So I was excited to see how well they did with the whole sleepover thing!

This is what our family room looked like with two 3 yr olds, a 15 month old and a 10 month old playing in it :) haha! Of course, I can't really blame the bicycles or the pinned up curtains on the children, but oh well! Soon we'll be able to get all moved in properly - once the kitchen and upstairs bathroom are finished everything will have a place.
The girls all ready for bed and super excited!! They spent several minutes just jumping all over the bed giggling and acting girly, but trying to be quiet because Brogan and Trevor were already in bed!
Jumping and giggling some more :)
...and more!
Here they are pretending to sleep :) They were absolute angels though, and it was so cute to watch! Once I'd finished saying good night to them I went downstairs, but then crept back up after a couple of minutes to spy on them :D They were chatting away - Kayla was telling Avery that she could have apple juice in the morning, (she asked for some just before I left, and that's what I told her) Avery told Kayla it was time to lie down, Avery told Kayla she was going to tell her a was just about as sweet as could be! And they were very good too, because they only stayed up chatting and giggling for about 20 minutes after I put them to bed, and then they went to sleep and slept all night!

Wednesday was Avery's last day of school! When I dropped her off I went in for a few minutes because I wanted to take a couple of pictures, and we also had some flowers for Miss Leslie, Miss Nancy and Miss Melissa. Avery and I walked in while her friends were getting off the bus, so we got into the classroom before anyone else, and she looked around and said "Oh no, my friends are not here!"
You might notice that Avery's chair doesn't have her name on it, and that was another thing she told me about while we were waiting for her friends. We walked over to the circle and she said "Oh no! What happened to my sticker on my chair! It's gone!" I asked her what happened to it and she said "I think Amare took it" and gave a big dramatic sigh and rolled her eyes. Funny girl :)
It's been funny throughout the year to see and hear the things she's "picked up" from preschool! Things like the cute little southern accent she's started using for some words (I want to go outsaaaad and play on my slaaaad!) and how I know all the first and last names of all the children in her class because a lot of the time when she sees the first letters of their names somewhere she'll just shout out "H for Hunter Jackson!!!" Pretty funny! Anyway, after we got home on Wednesday she was playing with Gabe outside and came out with the phrase "Lord have mercy!" Oh dear!!

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Pam said...

I loved your tale of the sleep over and Avery speaking Southern! Thanks for keeping me in touch.
Keep smiling