Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home tonight

We are home tonight after a long night and day in the hospital. Avery woke up a couple of times during the night with the intense headaches, but they lessened in intensity as the day drew on and she's feeling and acting so much better than yesterday. She still only wanted to lie down for most of the morning, and then in the afternoon she was happy sitting up a bit but still didn't want to be doing much, and was still saying that she had a headache. She was pretty happy though, and there have been no more of the horrible agonising headaches today. She hasn't wanted to eat anything really. Or rather, when I've offered her something, if she said she wanted it, she'd have a bite or two and then not want any more. Even ice cream and chocolate milk! But she's had little bites and sips here and there throughout the day. We spent most of the day just waiting around in the pediatric ward wondering when the doctor was going to come see her! Oh, and the other ting that was different today was that she woke up with a mild fever - about 101.3 or something like that. They gave her some tylenol and it went back down to 99.1. When the neurosurgeons finally showed up at about 3:30pm, Avery was sitting in one of those little read and yellow plastic cars, and they walked in and were like "Wow! Well, we're not going to tap the shunt of a little girl who looks like that!!"
When I wrote last night I think I said that they changed her shunt setting from 1.0 to 1.5 - if I did, that was a mistake. I was tired! They were going to change it to 1.5, until they checked and saw that it had somehow changed itself to 0.5, so they just put it back to 1.0. We had them check it again before they discharged her. Here's the frustrating thing: Avery was sitting on the bed and he came over to check it, and said she could sit up, and he checked it and it said 2.5!! He checked it again 3 or 4 times, and got 0.5 once and 2.5 every other time, and then he told Avery she needed to lie down for him to read it properly. Then he got 2.5 again the first time, but after a couple more tries he got 1.0, and got 1.0 three times in a row. That seems very odd to me. He said it was because of her moving when he was trying to read it or something like that, but that seemed a little made up to me.
Anyway. We got home probably about 5pm. Avery fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep for a while after we got home, and when she woke up she was complaining of a headache again and the fever had come back. So, as I said, we'll be watching her closely tonight and tomorrow, but hopefully everything will just settle back down.

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